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Original Kahunka Articles

The Original Kahunka Articles

Sometime around 2004 I watched the movie What The Bleep Do We Know which sparked my curiosity in how quantum physics relates to health and fitness. About this time I read the book The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe which helped clarify the concept of a Universal all-encompassing field of energy from which everything originates from and is connected by.

Original Kahunka Ad 2005

Original Kahunka Ad 2005

Below are some of the original articles I wrote for Kahunka when it was still Quantum Health and Fitness.

I consider the concepts these articles contain to represent the foundation of what Kahunka represents.

The Law of Attraction – The Law of Attraction 2005 (Way before the movie with the same name) Understanding life is about understanding energy and how it behaves. Grasping and manipulating this concept is one of the greatest keys in obtaining anything you desire.

Maybe The Most Powerful Health Tip Ever – The expectations you hold about how your life should be may just be the single most powerful tool you have at your disposal for creating a long life of health and well being. Your expectations and the beliefs that fuel them cause you to think, say and do things that in turn create the life you live which of course includes your state of health.

The Secret Language of the Universe – Discover the Language of the Universe and why you should constantly try to raise your vibration. Everything is some type of energy and everything vibrates at some frequency.

Your Thoughts Have a Powerful Effect on Your Body – The mind-body connection – Every word you say to yourself has a meaning that you have attached to it represented by pictures and emotions which are just forms of energy. As you “think” or talk to yourself, your mind is defining these words almost simultaneously.

Understanding Your Energy Body – Understanding the nature of your energy body may be even more important than understanding anti-oxidants, nutrition and other types of anti-aging and health protocols. You are energy, in fact energy is all there is and realizing that you are an energetic being first and foremost is the most important step you can take in your journey toward optimal health and fitness.

How to Turn Your Life Around and Find Happiness – If you’ve been feeling a little stuck in life lately or maybe things aren’t going your way or maybe you’ve made some bad decisions you are now regretting then maybe this article can help. We live in a sea of energy that moves in waves…

How to Shatter Your Self-Defeating Beliefs – If you really desire to create a chiseled muscled physic or you just want to drop 20 pounds and keep it off but are finding it hard to do, you have got to start identifying your underlying beliefs about the subject and change them if need be.

The Dream Manifesting Formula – Use the formula below to start creating the life of your dreams and make this the year you’ll look back on and say “that was the year my life really took off!”

The Brain Drain Principle – Clear your head for more energy and mental clarity – We are all energy, in fact energy is all that there is. Once you really understand this everything about everyday life is much easier to understand.

The Secret of Time – What is this thing we call time and what is the secret for making the best use of it?

How Your Thoughts Influence Your Genetic Expression – We are not helpless victims with a predetermined fate decided by the genes we inherited from our ancestors because while our genes definitely determine our characteristics, we have a great deal of control over the final determination in most cases!

Workout Words – Using the power of visualization to get killer results in the gym!