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This health and fitness website has gone through several revisions since its creation in 2005 and as such has had a few different “about” pages.

Instead of removing the old about pages, I thought some readers might enjoy seeing how I described the website from years past.

Mike Ingraham on Staniel Cay in the Bahamas

In 2017 I will have been on this wonderful planet for 51 years.

Thirty of those I’ve spent learning everything I can about how to keep my body and mind healthy and fit. I’ve learned a lot during this time which is why today I am stronger than and can run faster and farther than most guys half of my age. I maintain a lean, fit body with washboard abs year-round, take zero prescription drugs and since I rarely if ever get sick, don’t even have a personal doctor.

I know this is blasphemy in the church of drugs and medicine. I mean if I don’t have a doctor who can I ask if all those wonderful drugs advertised during prime time are right for me or not?

Let’s face it, by the time most guys in America are my age they are overweight or obese and/or take multiple prescription drugs to manage their numerous chronic illnesses.

The crazy thing is, the system is designed to do this to us.

Fortunately for me, one of my favorite things to do is read. I love to read and always have. While others are spending their time with things like American Idol, Kim Kardasian and “Deflate Gate,” I’m usually reading.

And nonfiction is my passion.

While I could count the number of fiction books I’ve read on one hand, I’m certain the nonfiction titles would easily number into the hundreds.

Two areas of great interest for me have always been health and what I’ve come to call the “real American history” because anybody that studies this knows it shares little resemblance to what is actually taught in public schools today.

You can’t understand our current healthcare (sick care) industry if you’ve never studied it’s history.

When I first started studying health I began with the usual stuff like diets, working out, free radicals, antioxidants and so on.

Somewhere around 2005 I read two books, The Field by Lynn McTaggart and Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert. These two books had a major impact on me and changed forever the way I looked at not only health but life overall.

Soon after, I started this website which was originally called Quantum Health and Fitness where I proposed that your physical state of health is largely determined by your mental state of health. Body is actually a physical manifestation of mind. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions play a critical role in creating what we see looking back at us when we look into the mirror.

Let me give some simple examples about how this works. Your beliefs about food will determine which types of food you eat. Your beliefs, feelings and thoughts about exercise will determine whether you do it or not. The thoughts that you have that proceed the actions you take will determine if those actions are helpful to your health or harmful. Once you understand this it is easy to see how our physical health is a direct reflection of our nonphysical self.

Today, emerging sciences like the field of epigenetics are proving that metaphysical (substitute metaphysical for quantum if it feels better) things like thoughts and emotions (energy in motion) can in fact affect gene expression which translates to physical changes within the body.

It’s a bridge between the non-physical and the physical.

Unfortunately the concept that things like thoughts, beliefs, intentions and so on might play a major role in our state of health does not sit well with those who believe they have a monopoly on and final say about your health. Those who claim to promote health while they profit immensely from disease.

While the Disease Machine trolls were not the sole cause of why stopped working on this website, they definitely helped make the other projects I was working on much more attractive at the time.

What I’ve uncovered in the years since I put this site on the back burner is simply shocking.

The health of America is declining at an accelerated rate. Diseases like cancer, diabetes and autism are exploding as well as obesity, Alzheimer’s and depression.

The reason for this is simple once you are able to open your eyes and see it.

The reason that you may be overweight, the reason that you may be sickly and have to take prescription drugs and the reason you may feel like crap all the time is because from the moment you were born in America, the moment you were able to see, hear, touch, taste and smell, you have been exposed to a powerful brainwashing programs that immediately started to condition you and groom you for your purpose in life.

To be a productive unit in the American consumer economy.

Because disease causing products are very profitable, these are what you are continually encouraged to purchase and consume.

How do you lose weight and get well?

Stop doing doing the things that make you sick and fat and stop consuming the things that make you sick and fat.

I know this sounds like an overly simple solution and it definitely is easier said than done BECAUSE of the conditioning we have received since birth.

You see, many of the beliefs that you hold have been purposely implanted within you for the intent of getting you to perform certain actions that benefit those who put them there. This one reason why you may consume products that you know are not good for you.

I know, I sound like a lunatic and all of this sounds like science fiction but I challenge you to take a break from whatever it is that you do in your spare time and actually look into this because your health depends on it.

Back in the early part of last century multinational corporations, governments and other sovereign power structures learned how to influence the masses to think and behave in ways that benefited them.

You could say it was the birth of the “official narrative.”

In the beginning, governments would use these techniques to gain support for things like war and businesses would use them to sell people stuff they didn’t need and even more stuff they couldn’t afford.

Over a half of a century later these “brainwashing” techniques have been highly refined and are so effective most people have no idea that their wants, needs and desires are not entirely theirs, rather they are the results of intentional conditioning that has taken place since birth.

The United States of America is the birthplace of disinformation and propaganda.

While our thoughts play a large role in our health, they are constantly being influenced by those who discovered a long time ago that disease is much more profitable than health.

It is difficult to make health enhancing decisions when the system is designed to sell profitable disease causing products that eventually leads to even more profitable disease management products.

The system is designed this way my friend.

The structure in America that promotes disease causing products for the purpose of creating customers for its disease management products is something that I have coined the American Disease Machine.

The Disease Machine has an “influence” department that runs 24/7,  365 days a year with the sole purpose of keeping you a faithful consumer of its products.

Learn to identify how the machine operates and see through the lies and deception it uses to maintain its customer base.

This evolution of Kahunka is for all of my fellow Americans (everyone in both the north and south American continents) and because the tentacles of the American Disease Machine stretch around the globe, anyone in the world who is ready to open their eyes to discover one of the greatest threats known to humankind

Also, in case you haven’t guessed, Michael Kahunka is a pen name. If you want to know what a “kahunka” is, there’s a link to that page in one of the older “about” pages below.

Thanks for listening,

Michael Ingraham aka Michael Kahunka


“About” Page October 21st 2011

Mike 2011

Mike at the office 2011

When I started Quantum Health and Fitness back in 2005 (later renamed “Kahunka”) I wanted to do something different for a health and fitness site.

Even today most health and fitness related sites seem to parrot one another, I mean how many times do we need to be told to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day and be shown how to do a crunch?

I’ve always been a true truth seeker reading anything I could that could possibly give some insight to the world that may not be readily available to those not seeking it out.

So I dove heavily into Metaphysics and spirituality and started the site based on that concept.

What resulted was my discovering  a whole different way for myself to look at health and fitness.

Over the years Kahunka has had many articles but I’ve only kept the ones I think relate the core idea of the original site.

I now refer to these articles as the Original Kahunka Articles.

In my opinion the so-called secret to health and wellness or whatever you seek is contained within those articles.

The concepts they contain are what I try to live by every day and it works for me.

Intention, desire, ambition and drive all live, so to speak, in the Metaphysical realm and it is exactly this place most people come up short when it comes to their health and wellness. You can have all the latest fitness equipment and belong to the most expensive health club in town but none of it means anything unless you are healthy and fit on the Metaphysical level first.

In a sense you could say that the path to optimal health and wellness is Spirit (power) + Mind (focus) = Body (result).

But along the way, as far as this site was concerned I ran into a challenge.

It is said that we are “co-creators” of our life. Most people don’t realize what this means. While we surely do posses the potential to be, do or have whatever we desire, this can only happen with the cooperation of others.

We are all connected to and influenced by in some degree the creation process of every thing and everyone else.

This is the engine that expands the Universe.

All around us others are busy creating their lives that have the potential to influence our lives sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Today more than ever it is important to be aware of conditions created by others that can have a negative impact on our lives and be proactive in minimizing the effect of this energy if need be.

Here are a just a few examples of how others can negatively affect you through the creation of their lives.

  1. Suppression of natural cures for major diseases in the interest of wealth preservation.
  2. Putting toxic chemicals in foods designed to make you want to crave more of that manufactures food.
  3. Artificial sweeteners.
  4. The “revolving door” practice that rotates people from public office to lucrative positions in companies that as a public official they are supposed to police.
  5. Aggressively suppressing your right to know whether the food you eat is genetically modified – America is one of the only countries that believes their citizens do not have a right to know this.
  6. Fluoridated water.
  7. Mercury fillings…
  8.  …and on and on…

I could mention false flag wars, the Federal Reserve (which is not federal), the Wall Street corruption and the whole issue of how our country is a corpocracy  but that is somewhat off topic for Kahunka.

The point is there are a lot of people that are producing conditions  that can harm your life through the creation of theirs.

In a way Kahunka had an identity crisis because what I finally came to realize is that I cannot have a health and fitness site that only focuses on the positive without the negatives.

This is like telling the story of Yang without mentioning Yin.

Embattled spiritual guru James Ray wrote in a book, and it’s funny that this is one of the few concepts I remember so clearly from the book, that if all you do is sit around and meditate all day waiting for the Universe to take care of you pretty soon the bills will pile up and the debt collectors will come and take away your meditation couch along with everything else.

So Kahunka is changing to include information that I feel needs to be shared.

Have you ever read an article or a book and though that while there was some good information to be had, it could have been presented in a fraction of the words without the fluff and filler?

I have, which is why the way I plan to write on this site is direct and to-the-point.

No Fluff.
No Filler.

The new Kahunka will strive to provide powerful, to-the-point information you can use to improve your well being.

Thanks for listening,



An earlier “about” page for Kahunka.

“About” Page May 29th 2006

To learn something, teach it to others and it will grow inside you” – David Cameron

Mike Kahunka in SurfI can’t really think of anything I’d rather teach then the knowledge being shared with you through this site.

Kahunka, originally called Quantum Health and Fitness is a project I created in about 2005 to share my health, fitness and personal growth knowledge with anyone who is interested in listening.

I called the site Quantum Health and Fitness originally because I believe the basis for optimal health resides at the Metaphysical level or in more scientific terms, the quantum level.

If you want to know more about what a Kahunka is and why I changed the name of the site, see What is Kahunka?

People tend to have a lot of misconceptions about Metaphysics. Metaphysical simply means “above the physical” which refers to the Universal Energy that vibrates at a rate faster than the same slower energy that is manifest into physical form.

Through modern science like quantum physics we know that indeed absolutely everything made up of energy.

How this energy groups, how it resonates and how it behaves causes it form into the world that you see, touch, smell, taste, hear and experience.

Metaphysics is the spiritual science that explores the same realm as quantum physics. Because we are physical extensions of non-physical (metaphysical) energy, it only makes sense that we try to at least understand the relationship between the two and how one affects the other.

“As within, so without” or “as above so below” refers to the Law of Correspondence which is one of the many metaphysical energy laws (like the Law of Attraction) that govern our lives. It means your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner self or as it applies to this health and fitness site, your body and state of health are reflections of your higher self.

If you want to permanently change your body for example gain muscle, lose weight or look and feel younger the absolute only way to do this is through your higher self which is the place your mind operates from and your thoughts originate.

I disagree with much of the current medical establishment’s paradigm which focuses on the treatment of symptoms rather than addressing the cause promoting the use of synthetic drugs and high-profit “treatments” like surgery and chemotherapy  instead of prevention.

It’s really no secret anymore that the FDA and the other government agencies that are supposed to protect us are bought and paid for by the industries they supposedly police.

Mike Kahunka under treeThe food companies intentionally put known poisons like sodium nitrates and MSG in the food supply that slowly make you sick at which time the medical and pharmaceutical industries are standing by ready to “treat” your symptoms with ridiculously costly procedures and medicines.

Look at the older people in your life, their state of health and the number of prescription drugs they are on and then tell me this is not true.

In my city there are drug stores every few blocks from one another to accommodate the aging baby boomers.

If you ask me, someone is betting on the population getting sicker instead of better.

This is no mistake, in more ways than one modern alopathic medicine is designed to benefit the corporate bottom line, not your long term health.

The fitness industry is no better pushing worthless workout gadgets, pills and potions that promise fast results only to end up making the companies that market them fast cash.

I’m really not as cynical as I sound in fact none of this really affects me too much because I’m fairly aware of what’s going on so I don’t eat processed junk foods, don’t get sick, I have no pains and don’t take prescription drugs.

Hopefully you’re like this as well or at least aspire to be.

There is no shortage of out-of-shape trainers, nutritionists and other textbook experts eager to give advice they obviously do not follow. The condition of your body and the state of your health is the sum of all of the past decisions you have made about everything in your life, not just your health. I can look at someone and immediately tell if I would follow their health advice or not.

I can’t give you medical advice so please don’t ask but what I can do is share my opinions on the subjects of health and fitness with you through this site so that maybe you’ll pick up a tip or two along the way that will help you look, feel and be better….longer.