“Upon this first, and in one sense this sole, rule of reason, that in order to learn you must desire to learn, and in so desiring not be satisfied with what you already incline to think, there follows one corollary which itself deserves to be inscribed upon every wall of the city of philosophy: Do not block the way of inquiry.”  – Charles Sanders Peirce, “First Rule of Logic”

You are being poisoned for profit by a system that was planned and implemented a century ago.

One of the greatest threats to your life right now is from a phenomenon that quietly operates in the background of our lives providing much of the food that we eat, medicines we take and nearly all of the products that are part of our modern lifestyle.

Failure to see how this “machine” operates and failure to take steps to stay out of it exposes us to a much increased risk of failed health and lifelong dependence on prescription drugs and medical procedures.

During the first half of the last century the politicians and Big Business  in America discovered the art of propaganda and the science of mind control of the masses.,

The birth of modern day social engineering or as I like to say, programming.

The effects this programming has had on our lives is profound and far-reaching. There are countless layers of artificial influence being directed at us at all times to affect our thinking theologically, politically and of course economically.

For example, “Big Business” learned how to program you to buy things you don’t need and to want more of what you already have.

These mind control techniques went hand in hand with an already well thought out and implemented business plan put in motion years earlier by the ruthless and powerful oil baron John D. Rockefeller.

Rockefeller’s goal was to sell more oil in the form of petrochemicals and petrochemical drugs.

He was hugely successful in reaching these goals.

Today there are over 84,000 synthetic chemicals in our environment many of which end up in the foods we eat and the products that we buy, most of which have never been tested adequately or at all for human safety.

These chemicals find their way into our lives in many ways causing our health to degrade sometimes right away, but usually slowly over time.

We live in a country whose economy is driven in large part by toxic chemical products and a “healthcare” system that depends on massive sales of toxic petrol-chemical drugs.

America’s food and health care system as it exists today is a successful implementation of business plans put in place a century ago by  businessmen like Rockefeller for the purpose of selling more petrochemicals.

Obviously not all chemicals are bad but unfortunately many of the ones that we eat, drink, breathe in and come in contact with on a daily basis, are.

Huge profits are made by selling products that slowly make the consumer sick thus ensuring a market for its even more profitable medical and pharmaceutical products.

Whether the business model of selling disease causing products for the purpose of creating a market to sell health maintenance products has come about intentionally is something that you need to decide for yourself, however it is hard to deny that this profit machine is operating at peak capacity in America today.

The American Disease Machine is a metaphor for “business as usual” for the “Big Rich” entities like Big Chemical, Big Agriculture, Big Food, Big Medicine, Big Pharma and various other cogs like corrupt politicians, Big Media and much of science and academia, hereinafter, the “Machine.”

Business as usual for the Machine is extremely bad for your health.

It may be difficult at first for you to see how the Machine operates because we are continually programmed not to see it. Because of this, it hides in plain sight, filtering into and influencing every aspect of our seemingly normal lives.

Most of us are addicted to the Machine,  after all it feeds us, entertains us, takes care of us and makes us feel safe. It reassures us that everything is okay.

The Machine influences academia, corrupts science, buys favorable policy from corrupt politicians and routinely spreads false information through the mainstream media channels it owns in an effort to keep you buying disease causing products and remain faithful to a narrow minded system of medicine that was intentionally designed not to heal you but rather manage your disease while your health deteriorates ensuring the most profit for The Machine.

All of us are affected by the Machine sometimes even before our first breath right up until the very last.

The Machine goes through great lengths with social programming to keep you from seeing its true nature and discovering its true objectives.

Make a commitment now to discover how the Machine operates.

Stop being the typical American who is more concerned with sports scores, selfies and Kim Kardashian. Start paying attention to how many overweight and sickly looking people there are everywhere you look.

This is a result of the policies and products of the American Disease Machine.

My mission with this section of kahunka is to help you open your eyes and become aware of how the Machine operates.

Anyone who disputes that this phenomenon exists as described here has not researched the issue or has a financial interest in the Machine.

The people at the helm of the Machine are not your friends, they do not care if their products make you sick, they do not care if you spend your life popping handfuls of pills and they do not care if you spend your last dime on “approved” medical treatments for your disease.

You are a unit. You are a profit center for the Machine until the day you die.

Resist and break free of the machine by depriving it of the raw material it needs to thrive, your body and mind.

Ever wonder why...

…you buy, use and eat things you know might be making you sick? Ever stop to think why no matter how hard you might try, you can’t keep the weight off? Or why you buy things you don’t need and stuff you can’t afford? I used to wonder these things and then I found out why. We’ve been programmed to make unhealthy decisions and take unhealthy actions because disease is very profitable. As a sickly, docile consumer unit, you are much more profitable and manageable to the Machine than a healthy, robust free-thinking individual. Get it?

Today this programming starts at birth.

What do you mean by 'been programmed?'

Those of us in the “land of the free” have been methodically programmed to behave in a way that perpetuates well laid out plans put in motion a century ago by brilliant yet ruthless businessmen for the purpose of expanding their empire.

Whether you believe this or not makes no difference, it is well documented for those who seek the truth.

You have to understand that many of your thoughts are not completely your own. The degree at which you think this statement is nonsense or unbelievable is directly correlated with your level of programming.

I will help you peel back the layers of this false reality.

Your health and well being depend on you being able to do this or you may end up as another statistic of the American Disease Machine.

“If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it… In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons … who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”  – Edward Bernays

To start with, see…

Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward Bernays

Propaganda by Edward Bernays

25 Rules For Disinformation

Addicted to Distraction: Psychological consequences of the Mass Media

What is the American Disease Machine?

The American Disease machine is a term I coined for a phenomenon that exists in the United States and much of the Western world today.

In it’s simplest form we could say that the Disease Machine is a collection of huge multinational businesses, governments and various other power structures that profit from the diseases that they create.

There are many cogs in the Disease Machine however it has two main sections.

The first produces and profits from toxic consumer products that over time make us sick and diseased. When this happens the second section is standing by ready to profit from “managing” our diseases with expensive medical procedures and costly, toxic petrol-chemical drugs.

The Disease Machine owns and uses academia, science and the mainstream media to not only disguise it’s crimes against humanity but also to make us buy things we don’t need and want stuff we can’t afford without even questioning whether or not any or all of these products are harmful to our health.

How to use this site

“Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.” – John Lennon

My mission is threefold.

  1. To expose The American Disease Machine for what it is, a serious threat to you and I, our friends and family and literally all of the citizens of the world
  2. Help you escape the effect, as much as possible, of the Machine.
  3. To give you time tested and cutting edge information you can use to better your life with.

The subtle ways the Machine influences our life is not always obvious however sometimes it is easy to see. For example, try turning on any network news channel and you will be inundated with prescription drug ads.  It’s hard to deny that the pharmaceutical industry is a major supporter of all of the major news networks which makes it easy to understand why the information that flows from these sources is is heavily biased.

The more that you research this, just like every other topic on this web site, the easier it becomes to see.

The soulless trolls that promote and protect the machine on social media may call you uneducated, a science denier and maybe even a conspiracy theorist but as you will learn this is simply a form of propaganda the machine uses to dissuade people from waking up and practicing their critical thinking skills.

The Machine wants you to accept without question the official narrative of everything it believes it is the authority on.

This is about everything in your life.

It’s not easy to break from the herd mentality and start to think for yourself. This is why most people never do.

You will never be asked to take anything on this web site at face value only to keep an open mind that maybe, just maybe the narrative that you’ve been fed about many things your whole life might be well planned and intentionally implanted programs designed to make you feel, think and act in ways that are beneficial to the machine and in the long run, detrimental to you.

Research everything you find interesting here enough to form your own opinion and make the knowledge your own.

Question everything with a critical mind and then take the time to find the answers.


What are you selling?
Nothing. In fact we don’t even want your email address.

Do you offer medical advice?
Absolutely not. This web site is about how to stay healthy, something the medical profession has little interest in having you do.   Healthcare is an oxymoron, it has almost nothing to do with health and everything to do with sickness and disease. What we have in this country is a sick care system. It does not profit from a healthy population, get it? The word “cure” is a dirty word to a system of medicine that prefers terms like “managed care” and “disease management.”

So are you anti-science?
No, on the contrary I’m pro science but I’m against “science for hire” and dirty science that is tainted in the name of furthering an agenda. There are many recent and exciting anti-aging breakthroughs that have been achieved through science of which we will discuss in other sections.

Why don’t you allow comments?
Due to the high number of stories that we post it is difficult to monitor the comments. Also, the content of Kahunka makes it a prime target for shills, astroturfers and other paid troll-type soulless creatures that work for the Disease Machine attempting to sway public opinion on social media platforms.

If you find Kahunka interesting, please share it with your family and friends.