If you’ve been thinking about learning how to meditate then this guide is a good place to start. Learning To Meditate A lot of people are confused about what meditation is and believe that is is something only monks and the spiritually inclined among us practice when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Meditation, in the most simple form, is simply the act of quieting the mind and ceasing all thought for a period of time. And because the mind is a thought machine, this is much more difficult than it sounds. Go ahead and try the venus factor review it for a moment. Close your eyes and try not to let a single thought creep into your awareness for just say, ten seconds. It’s not easy. When you cease all thought, you experience the “space” between your thoughts. The “space” between our thoughts is a direct connection with our “higher self” and offers great physical, mental and spiritual benefits the longer we are able to stay there. Benefits that are described in the free book above. There are many forms of meditation but making constant sport its essential ( best air resistance rowing machine ) the thing to remember is that they all pretty much attempt to do one thing, quiet the chattering mind so you can access the realm of thoughtlessness and all of the benefits it provides. Some people use music when they meditate and I happen to be one of them. I can’t give you the copyrighted music I use, but I do do have some that I can give away even though I’ve never listened to it while meditating. So if you find yourself stressed, anxious, unfocused and/or feeling crappy about things explore the ebook to your right and  experience all the great things meditation has to offer. Oh yeah, here is the music… Relaxation