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SSRIstories.org is now maintained for Dr. Healy by Julie and Peter Wood, who lost their son John David to a combination of prescription drugs.  When he was 16, John David was prescribed Dexedrine at high doses for 4 years with no break.

When he decided to quit the drug, his doctor did not warn him to taper off.  He quit cold turkey, suffered an episode of psychosis, and attempted suicide.   Not recognizing that John David had suffered a predictable withdrawal effect, a psychiatrist prescribed him Risperdal, Ativan, Immovane, Celexa and Effexor.

He could not metabolize all this stuff and he deteriorated rapidly.   The psychiatrist attributed his loss of cognition, rapid weight gain, suicidal thinking, alcohol craving and other terrible side effects to “psychotic depression”.   All the toxic drugs destroyed John David’s body and his mind.  He lost his university degree, his job, his theatre career, his hope, and finally his life.

Later, after reading their son’s medical files and several books, including Psychiatric Drugs Explained by Dr Healy, Julie and Peter realized what had really happened to their son.

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