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Born Into The Matrix

We cannot escape from the Matrix because we are entangled within it, we spring from it.

When most think of the Matrix, like the one in the movie, they are self-describing any one of an endless number of programs that create representations of conditions that are designed to appear real.

In the movie humans were physically plugged into the matrix while in “real life”  our “energy body” is the interface. This includes the mind.

Our consciousness runs through these underlying programs that operate within us, within the Matrix and then gives rise to awareness and our version of reality

While we can’t escape the Matrix, with work, we can identify the programs put into place that serve to create our reality, and modify them.

This was all figured out ages ago by those who have always felt that your best interest is best served by the programs that they put in place.

In this project I attempt to show how that how from birth we are bombarded with powerful mental programs, intentionally planted and designed to make us obedient servants to the Machine, similar metaphorically to what humans faced in the movie.