YES Chemtrails ARE Real.

Climate engineering is poisoning your family, friends and everyone else you love with every breath they take.


The strange global weather of late is by design.


Climate engineering aka “chemtrails” exist and those that deny this are either ignorant of the evidence, expressing extreme cognitive dissonance, both of these or they are part of it.

If your mind still cannot grasp that this is happening skip down to the bottom of the page and spend a few days researching the links.

Yes my dear friend, chemtrails ARE 100% real regardless of what Wikipedia says.

It goes by many names and it’s been going on for decades.

I know we’ve all been “told” that “chemtrails,” which are used in climate engineering, are a conspiracy theory spread by the tin foil hat gang however what you need to see is that this narrative is part of your programming.

You’ve been intentionally and systematically fed misinformation and/or denied information as part of a plan designed to mislead you about climate engineering.

I know, you may think I’m a nutty conspiracy theorist but you see that doesn’t bother me at all because I know that the label “conspiracy theorist” was created by the CIA as part of a mind control effort to dissuade people from being curious about that which the rulers would prefer they did not question.

This site is trying to wake you up so if you still do not believe dangerous substances like aluminum, barium and a slew of other “solar radiation management” chemicals are being dumped into our atmosphere which end up in our lungs, in our food, in the ocean and on and on then take the red pill and have fun with the research links below.

Climate engineering is one of the top urgent issues of our time. Please don’t let your programming shrug this (if it hasn’t already) off sending you off someplace to be “entertained” like to a movie or video game.

If you’re curious enough to do the research below, the conclusion will be shocking yet undeniable.

Humans pretty much have one of two different types of intelligence, static or fluid. Those with static intelligence tend to have unmovable fixed beliefs that do not change. They know what they believe is real no matter what evidence they are presented.

Those with fluid intelligence are able to adjust their beliefs based on convincing new evidence and even adjust their entire paradigm if necessary.

Which intelligence do you think has a higher chance of survival?

Do you really think the massive plume of smoke that lingers in the air hours after a jet flies over is a contrail?

Dane Wigington is the foremost expert on climate engineering and all of the material here links to his site.

Research Material proving this is deadly real


Peterson Documents

Geoengineering Company Directory

Universities and Groups

Weather Derivatives

The Weather Modification Association (WMA)

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