The Dream Manifesting Formula

The Dream Manifesting Formula

A Formula for Manifesting Your Dreams into Their Physical Equivalent by Kahunka

Are you satisfied with the direction your life is going?

Have you already given up on achieving your new year’s resolutions? Do you sometimes feel yourself feeling overwhelmed, hopeless or un-inspired?

Use the formula below to start creating the life of your dreams and make 2010 the year you’ll look back on and say “that was the year my life really took off!”

A major cause of poor performance, unhappiness, low self confidence and even depression is the feeling of lack control over one’s life.

Uncertainty and a lack of direction in life are a couple of major reasons for this.

All too often people wander through life without a plan and as a result are influenced and controlled by the plans of others.

They are not sure why they are here or where they are going for that matter.

This can cause low nerve force (personal power), resentment, discontentment with life and all of the other states mentioned above. Having direction and a sense of knowing with clarity what you want in life is the starting point for personal power and satisfaction.

Please always remember…

If you are not working on your goals and dreams, you’re most certainly working on someone else’s.

We all have a mission in life, something that truly inspires us, something that we would gladly do for free without pay and makes us feel complete while we do it or work toward fulfilling it.

For some this may be a charitable cause while for others it could be more financial, spiritual or anything in between. There are probably as many different life missions on this planet right now as there are souls to express them.

This desire to live and/or achieve one’s life purpose originates in Spirit, the true “you” that exists in the pauses between your thoughts (more on this in later articles).

Thoughts on the other hand are a product of the mind.

Your mind is not “you” but rather an incredible device that when used correctly is the most powerful non-physical-to-physical creation tool in the known universe.

Your life today is a result of all of the thoughts and resulting actions you have taken up until this point in your life.

You’ve probably heard it before but your thoughts create your life.

Many people have never learned to harness the mind so their thoughts are unfocused, random and scattered which leads to random results which can lead to frustration and discontentment.

Happy fulfilled people know how to FOCUS their thoughts to achieve what they want in life.

Unhappy and unfulfilled people on the other hand are usually that way because they are in constant conflict with what they truly want from life and what they actually think about, do and say in everyday life.

A giant step taken toward being fulfilled is achieved by aligning that which you truly desire (Spirit) with your thoughts (mind) which will result in you thinking, saying and taking actions that are in harmony with what you truly want out of life, what you really stand for.

Aligning Spirit and mind also has amazing effects on your physical health which we’ll talk about in another post.

Simply put, we all have a “reason” for being here, the reason we are on this earthly journey.

Find yours and create a plan to achieve it because only then will you be living the life of your dreams.

Doing this will empower your life and escalate you to great heights in personal achievement.

The formula below has been used for ages by people from all walks of life to create powerful, meaningful lives.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is “what do I want from life?”

How can you expect to find to find something when you don’t even know what it is?

What excites you?

What is your passion?

What would you work day and night without pay for because you love it?

What do you want to be remembered for?

As we enter into a brand new decade now would be a fantastic time to take some time out of your day and daydream about what you want, the dream life that awaits you in the future.

Imagine you were given a magic wand by a 30’ tall purple genie and she told you that by waving it, you could have, do or be anything that your heart desired, what would that be?

What would you do for a living if you could wave your magic wand and it would come true?

Close your eyes and visualize yourself doing what you would truly love to do if could do anything your heart desired.

What would you act like if you were doing this? What would doing this feel like? Who would your friends be? Where would you live? What would you look like?

Wave your magic wand and create your dream life in your thoughts and then write it down on paper.

You might have several things you want to accomplish so write them all down.

Chances are there will be one thing that stands out above all the others, the one thing that if accomplished would help make all your other dreams come true, one thing that you want to achieve in life more than anything else.

This one thing may be your life’s purpose or mission.

Determine what you want and then put it into writing! Everything ever created by humankind began this way.

When writing your list always use first person i.e. “I am” or “I have” as though you have already obtained that which you desire.

Add a date when you intend to have achieved it.

“I HAVE lost 20 pounds and can fit into a sexy pair of skinny jeans by December 31st 2010.”

If you had written this then you should also have a clear vision of yourself already wearing that pair of skinny jeans on New Year’s Eve 2012!

“I AM the manager of my division and make the manager’s salary of 100k by June 1st 2011.”

What would your office look like then? What type of car would you be driving? What kinds of charities would you want to help support as a result of your increased salary?

“I am the founder of one of the country’s most success homeless shelters which rehabilitates thousands of people every year by December 31st 2015.

Recording your thoughts this way starts the process of taking your dreams which are non-physical and turning them into the physical equivalent.

This is a powerful step, so powerful I’m going to repeat it three times.

1. Determine what you want with crystal clarity and write it down on paper.

2. Determine what you want with crystal clarity and write it down on paper.

3. Determine what you want with crystal clarity and write it down on paper.

Some people live in the non-physical world most of the time. They day dream all day long and make big plans in their head but don’t know how to manifest the real-world equivalent of their dreams while others are masters of creating the physical counterpart of the dreams of others and never learn how to do it for their own life.

Dreams begin in the non-physical as thoughts and materialize into the physical world through actions taken by you and others in the physical world.

When you write your dreams down you plant the seeds of their physical equivalent which are then cultivated by the next step in this magical process…


Action is the soil and water needed to grow these seeds into the real life counterparts.

In the physical world it is focused ACTION that turns dreams into reality.

How do you know which actions you need to take to achieve the life in your vision?

By taking the description of the visions that you have written down on a sheet of paper with a pen as suggested above and asking the question…

“…what steps would I need to take to achieve this dream (goal)?”

Write down all the steps (actions) that would be required for you to reach your goal/dream/mission.

Make a list of actionable steps and then breaking those steps down into smaller more manageable steps.

Make a daily “to do” list and then start immediately working on crossing items off of that list.

Nourish your seeds every day by rewriting them every morning.

Create your “to do” list for the next day the prior night using the actionable steps list(s) you’ve already created. Move items not finished one day to the next day’s list.

Each day take some action that will move you toward your dream/goal.

Every morning while you rewrite your goals/dreams/mission visualize yourself as already having accomplished what you intend to do however when working from the list don’t worry about the bigger picture just concentrate on one step at a time knowing that with each step taken your objective is drawing closer and closer to you.

Knowing what you want and creating a plan to accomplish it will set your life on course and empower you to reach new heights.

Like most things this plan can be modified to suit your needs. You can break your actionable steps down into 6 month, 3 month, 1 month and weekly lists if you want to track your progress.

This is fine but what I’ve found is the more simple the plan, the more likely it is I will stick to it which is extremely important. Keep it simple at first so it is easy to follow then later after you’ve gained some experience go ahead and add sub-lists.

The key points for this formula are:

Being “stuck” in life and feeling dissatisfied or even worse is usually seen in people that do not have a plan for their life. They have no direction and usually feel powerless as a result.

Decide today to determine with crystal clarity what it is in life you truly want and write it down on paper as though you have already obtained it.

Take what you wrote and break it down into small actionable steps and use these steps to make a plan that you can follow.

Make a daily “to do” list and transfer items from your plan to the daily list and work each day to cross off as many items as possible.

Every morning rewrite your main list of dreams/goals and then start working on the list immediately crossing off items as you finish them.

At the end of each day pan the next by transferring actionable steps to your daily list.

Using this formula or some version of it to determine what you want in life and then making an actionable plan to achieve it will immediately give you a new outlook and inspire you to do great things with your life.

Thanks for listening,