What is an InstructaBrief?

An InstructaBrief is a short, to-the-point brief designed to teach the reader a valuable skill or insight in the easiest most efficient way possible.

What are the topics?

I’ve been into health and fitness for 30 years and metaphysics about half of that so these are the topics I’m most familiar with.

What is Telomere Timers?

Telomere Timers is an Instructa Brief designed to show you how to take advantage of the latest low and no cost anti-aging research into the telomere theory of aging.

Why is this information important?

Out of many, the Telomere Theory of Aging is one of the most highly regarded.

While it may not completely provide “the” answer, it appears to be one of the bigger, more important pieces to the complex antiaging puzzle.

Over the last two decades, boatloads of money and research have went into making the fountain of youth a reality with this theory but as of yet a silver bullet solution eludes the companies that were feverishly seeking it.

No magic pill as of yet.

While the wonder drug of youth has yet to be found, research into telomeres and aging has shown that longer, healthier telomeres are indeed associated with healthier, more robust and longer lived cells which translates into a healthier, potentially longer live organism, you.

The research has also shown that there are many things you can do that have been shown to have a positive effect on telomere health that are both cheap and easy.

There are key free and fun lifestyle changes you can incorporate to epigenetically affect your genetic expression to favor telomere health and your overall wellness in general.

This is what Telomere Timers will reveal.

What now?