The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction 2005 (Way before the movie with the same name)-By Kahunka

Understanding life is about understanding energy and how it behaves.

Grasping and manipulating this concept is one of the greatest keys in obtaining anything you desire.

There are several unfailing Universal laws that govern life and everything you have, who you are, the condition of your body and your state of health are a direct result of your relationship with them.

Let’s take a look at one of these powerful laws and how you can use it to loose weight, build muscle, get healthy and create the life of your dreams.

You are about to learn the secret of…

* Attracting opportunities that are related to your passions in life


* Attracting people that will help you reach success in your life

* Attracting an abundance of wealth in your life

* Attracting meaningful, rewarding and loving relationships

* Attracting virtually everything you have ever desired

Welcome to my power summary on one of the most powerful laws in the universe…The Law of Attraction!!

I originally wrote this article in 2005 long before the movie The Secret came out and the law of attraction became a hip buzz phrase.

I had removed the article when I moved kahunka to WordPress a couple years ago thinking it was somewhat outdated since everyone must know now about the law of attraction but I’ve decided to add it back in just in case you are reading this and still are not exactly sure what this powerful Universal law is all about.

The law of attraction is one of many fundamental Universal laws that govern our lives in fact most all success principles and religious teachings adhere to this mighty law.

That’s a pretty tall statement so let me explain.

Toward the end of the 19th and all through the 20th century scientists have been busy trying to discover exactly what the universe is made up of. It is not that humankind has not always wondered this, it is just that in the past one hundred years or so science has made great strides in it’s quest to unravel the mystery of where we come from and what we are made up of.

While the question of “where” may not be definitively known, the question of “what” has pretty much been answered.

You and I and everything else are ENERGY, literally.

“The visible world is the invisible organization of energy”- Physicist Heinz Pagels

Quantum science is the actual study of the building blocks of the universe and of course that includes you and I.

Quantum scientists have equipment that can see at sub-atomic levels which should be no surprise after all we have been playing with atoms for decades.

What may be a surprise for most people is that at our smallest levels, humans are simply vibrating energy sometimes in wave form and other times in particle form.

You are a energy being resonating at different frequencies constantly exchanging energy with the rest of the universe.

You ARE energy vibrating about 570 trillion times a second.

The universe is an ever expanding “sea of energy” vibrating at different frequencies and we are all part of it.

Have you ever driven by someone in a car and looked at them and as soon as you did they turned to look at you right away because they “knew” you where looking at them?

Have you ever been thinking or talking about someone and they call or show up out of the blue?

You ever notice how when you are around some people you feel uneasy and others you feel comfortable?

How about when you walk into a large auditorium full of people and you can “feel” the excitement.

These are just some of the easier examples that illustrate how we are all connected.

So what does this have to do with optimal health and fitness and everything else we desire?

Absolutely everything!!


Because we live in a universe made of energy. Energy behaves certain ways and is influenced by known fundamental laws that govern it.

Laws that never fail!

You see on the quantum level, the game of life so to speak, is played out on what’s known as the the zero point field. It could be said that this is the ultimate field of all quantum fields and as “players,” we are all bound by the rules or LAWS of this field.

To win this game, you have got to KNOW and play by the rules!

If you believe that “hard work” is the only way you are going to achieve any success in your life then guess what?

You will be working hard your whole life until you fulfill your own prophecy!

Have you ever known someone who seemed to “get all the lucky breaks?” You know, the people who always seem to have opportunities come their way. Whether it’s landing that important contract, closing the big deal, getting a great deal on some prime investment real estate and so on…

Some people just seem to have all the luck.

…and you know what?

It’s true those people DO exist and the reason for their so-called “luck” can be explained by science.

Thanks to quantum physics, we know exactly what’s going on here.

The first thing to remember is this…

You “create” your own “luck.”

Notice I said “create.”

This is because whether you realize it or not, you are responsible for creating everything that you have now in your life and everything that you will ever have!!

One of the main differences between healthy happy successful people and the sickly and/or unhappy folks is that successful people have learned how to utilize these universal laws (tools) or unknowingly just use them more often to virtually obtain anything in life that they desire.

Once you start to understand how these laws affect you, it’s easy to see them in action everywhere in your life.

One of these laws and the topic of this article is the Law of Attraction.

This fundamental law of physics basically says that…

“energy attracts like energy.”

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws in the universe and you will be amazed once you see how it affects your life and how fast your life can change around once you apply some of the basic Law of Attraction principles.

Maybe the old saying “birds of a feather flock” has some real meaning after all.

Consider this…

* Why is it that people who usually talk about sickness all the time are always sick?

* Why is it that people who talk about having a hard time paying their bills, always do?

* Why is it that people who talk about wealth and success usually have both?

That’s the law of attraction flawlessly at work!

Remember the last time you woke up and you had a “bad” morning that put you in a “bad” mood and from there the day just got worse?

Or how about the opposite? You woke up in a great mood, the sun was shining and your whole day just went great…

Your thoughts are “things.”

Thoughts are energy and they attract like energy.

It’s been proven in labs across the world that human thought can affect scientific instruments. We’ve all seen the people on TV that can bend the fork with focused thought. Now most of us have not developed the capability ( notice I said “have not developed” and not “cannot develop” ) to bend a fork but nonetheless how we think about world, ourselves, our health and our bodies has great influence on our state of health and wellness.

If you are happy, energetic and positive, your life will be filled with happy positive events. Your “good vibrations” will attract and resonate with like energy thus making it seem like good things are always coming your way.

This is so because of the Law of attraction!

I’m sure you’ve known a negative person here and there throughout your life.

These people usually have nothing good to say about anything or anybody. They believe life has dealt them a crappy hand. They complain about everything.

You know what? Their negative energy will literally “find” and resonate with like negative energy bringing plenty of negative stuff into their life to complain about.

It is so important to understand how the Law of Attraction works.

The foundation for optimal health and fitness or any success in general starts with understanding…

What you constantly think about becomes your beliefs and your beliefs become your reality.

Your thoughts will ATTRACT circumstances INTO your life to continually confirm your beliefs.

You cannot become THIN when you are “thinking” FAT, no matter how many diets you try.

You will not grow muscle as long as you believe you are a “hard gainer” that cannot grow muscle.

You cannot be healthy when you are thinking sickly. Your thoughts are powerful enough to cause biological/physical changes in your body and your mind always sets out to prove that that what you believe is actually true.

Think about it.

How do you think about yourself?

Are you attracting unwanted conditions into your life?

This article is meant to introduce the law of attraction and in other articles I will give practical tools for using the law of attraction to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The point is that to a large degree you attract, through your thoughts, your current state of health and fitness.

* Stop telling yourself you are tired all the time.

* Never tell yourself you get sick easily.

* Quit saying that you could NEVER have the lean and muscular body you’ve always desired!!!

Because if you do, it all becomes true sooner or later.

Do tell yourself that “I am healthy and never get sick.” (even if you do not believe it at first)

Do tell yourself that “my muscles are growing and I am developing the body I desire.”

Because if you do, it all becomes true sooner or later…always.

Optimal health is much more than just having a hot body and being free of disease.

Having optimal health also means you are in complete harmony with yourself and your world.

If you constantly send out negative vibrations into the zero point field, you are going to attract that type of energy. This is why negative people always seem to “find” plenty to complain about.

What you give (send out) returns to you (the Law of Cause and Effect).

* If you want love, give it.

* If you want friends, be one.

* To be wealthy, enrich the lives of others.

If you are stressed out all the time, could it be that you cause stress in the lives of others?

If you want happiness, spread it to others.

This process goes on whether you want it to or not; some of us use it effectively without even knowing it, while others just “get by” their entire lives as the process uses them.

You are energy that resonates at different frequencies largely regulated by your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS.

Your “vibes” go out into the world and seek out “like” frequencies. I know this sounds like science fiction but it is being proven by the quantum sciences every day!!

It’s very easy to see these laws at work.

Look around you right now….and this is important.

Your life is a direct result of what you have and what you continue to attract into it. Your house, your car, your job, your spouse, your friends, your state of health and so on all directly match the vibrations you resonate and have resonated since birth.

Is your life stuck in a rut right now?

Guess what? There is no such thing because life always moves forward. If your life appears to be “stuck,” it is simply because you keep attracting the same circumstances over and over again!!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying…

If you continue to think like you’ve always thought, you’ll continue to receive what you’ve always got.

If you want to change something about your life or bring something new into it, change your thoughts because through the law of attraction and the law of cause and effect, your thoughts CREATE the life you live.

What do all success philosophies try to do?

Change your thoughts.


Because thought is the most powerful creation tool known to humankind!

What are you saying to yourself?

Make it a point to be consciously be aware of your thoughts because they quite literally create the life you you live. Your thoughts create your reality!

If you constantly think that “you’re not deserving of a loving mate,” well then guess what? You will never find one.

If you constantly think about how ” good health or good fortune only happens to others,” chances are high you’ll never have either.

If you constantly think about “all those past due bills that need paid,” chances are high you’ll always have unpaid past due bills.

You see, even though it may be true that you have unpaid bills now, if you constantly worry and “think” about the “unpaid bills,” then you will keep attracting the condition of having unpaid bills creating a vicious cycle that never ends.

Obviously you cannot not think about your bills and not pay them but you have got to change the way you think about those bills.

Instead of worrying (thought attached to emotion which is very powerful) about all of the unpaid bills, think about how every day you are finding more and more ways to easily pay your bills.

The only difference between successful people and people that struggle through life is mental conditioning. How they interpret the energy that comes into their life and and in return what they send back out the universe.

This is why positive thinking is a cornerstone in most success philosophies.


The universe and absolutely everything in it are formations of energy behaving and resonating in unique and individualistic fashions resulting in this energy forming into everything “solid” as we “see” it.

On the quantum level, you, the computer, the walls in your house, the dog, the TV, your cell phone, Jennifer Lopez and everything else is simply energy resonating at it’s own frequency.

Once you understand that everything is energy and as a result is affected by fundamental laws of physics that govern energy, you will start to better understand your life more clearly and it will become clearer why things happen the way they do.

When you understand and then purposefully use these laws in your life, you will be able to create anything you desire such as optimal health and fitness, a successful career or whatever it is you want.

If you only take one thing from this page, consider this…

You are part of and live in a sea of energy. The level at which you resonate directly determines your quality of life. If you resonate “good” vibrations, the same type of vibrations will be attracted to and come back to you.

“Lucky breaks”, success, good health and love will tend to come your way.

If you resonate the lower negative frequencies and send bad vibes out into the universe, that energy will find, resonate with, and eventually bring back more of the same to your life.

Miserable negative people always “find” reasons (energy) to support their misery and failure.

Happy healthy optimistic people always find reasons that support their views of life.

The Law of Attraction never fails.

What kind of vibrations are you sending out?

Happy vibes,