The Original Kahunka Articles

At the age of 19, about thirty one years ago as i write this in 2017, I read Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich.

Think and Grow Rich Free DownloadThe book introduced me to concepts like “thoughts are things,” the power of discipline, persistence and many other “positive thinking” ideas which ended up having a profound effect on my life.

In the years that followed I read every self-help/success book I could get my hands on and while I believed in the “power of positive thinking,” I still didn’t understand the “how” or “why” of it. The powers at play that made the whole thing work.

Then in 2004 I watched a documentary called What The Bleep Do We Know after which I read The Field by Lynn McTaggert and Molecules of Emotion by Candice Pert.

I became obsessed with the rabbit hole.

These three resources combined with what I already knew, helped me see much more clearly the mechanics of HOW our thoughts effect our physical reality.

Even more importantly, I saw how this could be applied to health and fitness so I wrote some articles which became the basis for my new website, Quantum Health and Fitness.

For reasons you can read about on my “about” page, I changed the name of the site to Kahunka around 2006. For the next three years Kahunka was growing pretty fast in popularity. It had a few thousand YouTube subscribers, thousands of Myspace fans and heavy daily traffic. Then for reasons also found on the about page, I stopped working on Kahunka and went on to other things.

To this day I’m still occasionally contacted by someone thanking me for the articles because they had changed their life in some positive way.

This is pretty much why I’ve kept them here.

Putting these articles in context

Today the concepts contained in these articles are gaining widespread acceptance, but at the time I wrote them, very few people were talking about this stuff and even fewer were implementing the techniques. For example, most people know the Law of Attraction because of the popular movie The Secret but my article below was written about a year before the movie was made.

The law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

By Michael Kahunka 2005

Understanding life is about understanding energy and how it behaves.

Grasping and manipulating this concept is one of the greatest keys in obtaining anything you desire.

There are several unfailing Universal laws that govern life and everything you have, who you are, the condition of your body and your state of health are a direct result of your relationship with them.

Let’s take a look at one of these powerful laws and how you can use it to loose weight, build muscle, get healthy and create the life of your dreams.

You are about to learn the secret of…

* Attracting opportunities that are related to your passions in life


* Attracting people that will help you reach success in your life

* Attracting an abundance of wealth in your life

* Attracting meaningful, rewarding and loving relationships

* Attracting virtually everything you have ever desired

Welcome to my power summary on one of the most powerful laws in the universe…The Law of Attraction!!

The law of attraction is one of many fundamental Universal laws that govern our lives in fact most all success principles and religious teachings adhere to this mighty law.

That’s a pretty tall statement so let me explain.

Toward the end of the 19th and all through the 20th century scientists have been busy trying to discover exactly what the universe is made up of. It is not that humankind has not always wondered this, it is just that in the past one hundred years or so science has made great strides in it’s quest to unravel the mystery of where we come from and what we are made up of.

While the question of “where” may not be definitively known, the question of “what” has pretty much been answered.

You and I and everything else are ENERGY, literally.

“The visible world is the invisible organization of energy”- Physicist Heinz Pagels

Quantum science is the actual study of the building blocks of the universe and of course that includes you and I.

Quantum scientists have equipment that can see at sub-atomic levels which should be no surprise after all we have been playing with atoms for decades.

What may be a surprise for most people is that at our smallest levels, humans are simply vibrating energy sometimes in wave form and other times in particle form.

You are a energy being resonating at different frequencies constantly exchanging energy with the rest of the universe.

You ARE energy vibrating about 570 trillion times a second.

The universe is an ever expanding “sea of energy” vibrating at different frequencies and we are all part of it.

Have you ever driven by someone in a car and looked at them and as soon as you did they turned to look at you right away because they “knew” you where looking at them?

Have you ever been thinking or talking about someone and they call or show up out of the blue?

You ever notice how when you are around some people you feel uneasy and others you feel comfortable?

How about when you walk into a large auditorium full of people and you can “feel” the excitement.

These are just some of the easier examples that illustrate how we are all connected.

So what does this have to do with optimal health and fitness and everything else we desire?

Absolutely everything!!


Because we live in a universe made of energy. Energy behaves certain ways and is influenced by known fundamental laws that govern it.

Laws that never fail!

You see on the quantum level, the game of life so to speak, is played out on what’s known as the the zero point field. It could be said that this is the ultimate field of all quantum fields and as “players,” we are all bound by the rules or LAWS of this field.

To win this game, you have got to KNOW and play by the rules!

If you believe that “hard work” is the only way you are going to achieve any success in your life then guess what?

You will be working hard your whole life until you fulfill your own prophecy!

Have you ever known someone who seemed to “get all the lucky breaks?” You know, the people who always seem to have opportunities come their way. Whether it’s landing that important contract, closing the big deal, getting a great deal on some prime investment real estate and so on…

Some people just seem to have all the luck.

…and you know what?

It’s true those people DO exist and the reason for their so-called “luck” can be explained by science.

Thanks to quantum physics, we know exactly what’s going on here.

The first thing to remember is this…

You “create” your own “luck.”

Notice I said “create.”

This is because whether you realize it or not, you are responsible for creating everything that you have now in your life and everything that you will ever have!!

One of the main differences between healthy happy successful people and the sickly and/or unhappy folks is that successful people have learned how to utilize these universal laws (tools) or unknowingly just use them more often to virtually obtain anything in life that they desire.

Once you start to understand how these laws affect you, it’s easy to see them in action everywhere in your life.

One of these laws and the topic of this article is the Law of Attraction.

This fundamental law of physics basically says that…

“energy attracts like energy.”

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws in the universe and you will be amazed once you see how it affects your life and how fast your life can change around once you apply some of the basic Law of Attraction principles.

Maybe the old saying “birds of a feather flock” has some real meaning after all.

Consider this…

* Why is it that people who usually talk about sickness all the time are always sick?

* Why is it that people who talk about having a hard time paying their bills, always do?

* Why is it that people who talk about wealth and success usually have both?

That’s the law of attraction flawlessly at work!

Remember the last time you woke up and you had a “bad” morning that put you in a “bad” mood and from there the day just got worse?

Or how about the opposite? You woke up in a great mood, the sun was shining and your whole day just went great…

Your thoughts are “things.”

Thoughts are energy and they attract like energy.

It’s been proven in labs across the world that human thought can affect scientific instruments. We’ve all seen the people on TV that can bend the fork with focused thought. Now most of us have not developed the capability ( notice I said “have not developed” and not “cannot develop” ) to bend a fork but nonetheless how we think about world, ourselves, our health and our bodies has great influence on our state of health and wellness.

If you are happy, energetic and positive, your life will be filled with happy positive events. Your “good vibrations” will attract and resonate with like energy thus making it seem like good things are always coming your way.

This is so because of the Law of attraction!

I’m sure you’ve known a negative person here and there throughout your life.

These people usually have nothing good to say about anything or anybody. They believe life has dealt them a crappy hand. They complain about everything.

You know what? Their negative energy will literally “find” and resonate with like negative energy bringing plenty of negative stuff into their life to complain about.

It is so important to understand how the Law of Attraction works.

The foundation for optimal health and fitness or any success in general starts with understanding…

What you constantly think about becomes your beliefs and your beliefs become your reality.

Your thoughts will ATTRACT circumstances INTO your life to continually confirm your beliefs.

You cannot become THIN when you are “thinking” FAT, no matter how many diets you try.

You will not grow muscle as long as you believe you are a “hard gainer” that cannot grow muscle.

You cannot be healthy when you are thinking sickly. Your thoughts are powerful enough to cause biological/physical changes in your body and your mind always sets out to prove that that what you believe is actually true.

Think about it.

How do you think about yourself?

Are you attracting unwanted conditions into your life?

This article is meant to introduce the law of attraction and in other articles I will give practical tools for using the law of attraction to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The point is that to a large degree you attract, through your thoughts, your current state of health and fitness.

* Stop telling yourself you are tired all the time.

* Never tell yourself you get sick easily.

* Quit saying that you could NEVER have the lean and muscular body you’ve always desired!!!

Because if you do, it all becomes true sooner or later.

Do tell yourself that “I am healthy and never get sick.” (even if you do not believe it at first)

Do tell yourself that “my muscles are growing and I am developing the body I desire.”

Because if you do, it all becomes true sooner or later…always.

Optimal health is much more than just having a hot body and being free of disease.

Having optimal health also means you are in complete harmony with yourself and your world.

If you constantly send out negative vibrations into the zero point field, you are going to attract that type of energy. This is why negative people always seem to “find” plenty to complain about.

What you give (send out) returns to you (the Law of Cause and Effect).

* If you want love, give it.

* If you want friends, be one.

* To be wealthy, enrich the lives of others.

If you are stressed out all the time, could it be that you cause stress in the lives of others?

If you want happiness, spread it to others.

This process goes on whether you want it to or not; some of us use it effectively without even knowing it, while others just “get by” their entire lives as the process uses them.

You are energy that resonates at different frequencies largely regulated by your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS.

Your “vibes” go out into the world and seek out “like” frequencies. I know this sounds like science fiction but it is being proven by the quantum sciences every day!!

It’s very easy to see these laws at work.

Look around you right now….and this is important.

Your life is a direct result of what you have and what you continue to attract into it. Your house, your car, your job, your spouse, your friends, your state of health and so on all directly match the vibrations you resonate and have resonated since birth.

Is your life stuck in a rut right now?

Guess what? There is no such thing because life always moves forward. If your life appears to be “stuck,” it is simply because you keep attracting the same circumstances over and over again!!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying…

If you continue to think like you’ve always thought, you’ll continue to receive what you’ve always got.

If you want to change something about your life or bring something new into it, change your thoughts because through the law of attraction and the law of cause and effect, your thoughts CREATE the life you live.

What do all success philosophies try to do?

Change your thoughts.


Because thought is the most powerful creation tool known to humankind!

What are you saying to yourself?

Make it a point to be consciously be aware of your thoughts because they quite literally create the life you you live. Your thoughts create your reality!

If you constantly think that “you’re not deserving of a loving mate,” well then guess what? You will never find one.

If you constantly think about how ” good health or good fortune only happens to others,” chances are high you’ll never have either.

If you constantly think about “all those past due bills that need paid,” chances are high you’ll always have unpaid past due bills.

You see, even though it may be true that you have unpaid bills now, if you constantly worry and “think” about the “unpaid bills,” then you will keep attracting the condition of having unpaid bills creating a vicious cycle that never ends.

Obviously you cannot not think about your bills and not pay them but you have got to change the way you think about those bills.

Instead of worrying (thought attached to emotion which is very powerful) about all of the unpaid bills, think about how every day you are finding more and more ways to easily pay your bills.

The only difference between successful people and people that struggle through life is mental conditioning. How they interpret the energy that comes into their life and and in return what they send back out the universe.

This is why positive thinking is a cornerstone in most success philosophies.


The universe and absolutely everything in it are formations of energy behaving and resonating in unique and individualistic fashions resulting in this energy forming into everything “solid” as we “see” it.

On the quantum level, you, the computer, the walls in your house, the dog, the TV, your cell phone, Jennifer Lopez and everything else is simply energy resonating at it’s own frequency.

Once you understand that everything is energy and as a result is affected by fundamental laws of physics that govern energy, you will start to better understand your life more clearly and it will become clearer why things happen the way they do.

When you understand and then purposefully use these laws in your life, you will be able to create anything you desire such as optimal health and fitness, a successful career or whatever it is you want.

If you only take one thing from this page, consider this…

You are part of and live in a sea of energy. The level at which you resonate directly determines your quality of life. If you resonate “good” vibrations, the same type of vibrations will be attracted to and come back to you.

“Lucky breaks”, success, good health and love will tend to come your way.

If you resonate the lower negative frequencies and send bad vibes out into the universe, that energy will find, resonate with, and eventually bring back more of the same to your life.

Miserable negative people always “find” reasons (energy) to support their misery and failure.

Happy healthy optimistic people always find reasons that support their views of life.

The Law of Attraction never fails.

What kind of vibrations are you sending out?

Happy vibes,


The Most Powerful Health Secret Ever

The Most Powerful Health Secret Ever

Your body is the physical manifestation of your mind…as above, so below.

By Michael Kahunka 2006

The expectations you hold about how your life should be may just be the single most powerful tool you have at your disposal for creating a long life of health and well being.

Your expectations and the beliefs that fuel them cause you to think, say and do things that in turn create the life you live which of course includes your state of health.

Take a good look at yourself. What you see in part is the sum of all the thoughts, decisions and actions you have produced since you could do any of these things.

Simply put, your body is the physical manifestation, the effect, of your mind, cause. Beliefs which are simply repetitive and practiced thoughts originate in cause and affect effect.

Your beliefs and resulting expectations lay the groundwork for your attitudes about absolutely every subject and your attitude toward something will determine how you feel about and react to it.

Why is this so important?

Let’s check it out as it relates to health and fitness.

  • Your attitude toward exercise will determine if you do it, or not
  • Your attitude toward eating healthy will determine whether you do that and to what degree, or not.
  • Your attitude toward your body will ensure that think you say and do things that continually support the attitude.

The absolute most fundamental place to begin or continue your journey toward optimal health and well being is with your attitudes and the underlying beliefs that inspire them.

How do you feel about your body? Are you overweight? Are you skinny? Are you sick all the time? Are you destined to be “just like your parents” because of your genes?

What about exercise, do you like it or despise it?

What is your attitude toward food? Do you eat when you are nervous? Do you eat too much?

Do you expect to live a long healthy life? Are you a hard gainer? You believe in “silver bullet” solutions?

Every answer to every question above is spawned by your beliefs about the subject.

By uncovering your beliefs about something, you are looking at the programming that is telling you how you should feel about the thing which creates your attitude in turn influencing your behavior toward it.

If you believe that obesity is a hereditary problem and you could never achieve a normal weight then you could buy all the diet books and exercise programs on the Internet and it would not change a thing long term because your underlying beliefs will sabotage you every time without you even knowing it!

Believing in and then expecting something to be a certain way is very powerful and can work for you or against you depending on your beliefs.

Why is this?

Your beliefs create your unique perception of the world, your reality. This includes your self concept or your self image.

You see it when you believe it, not the other way around.

When you believe, expect and ultimately perceive that something will be a certain way, your mind constantly searches for reasons to back up this perception and reinforce it keeping the picture you hold of life bright and clear.

This is also how the Law of Attraction comes into play; you attract what you think about most.

If you believe and have the attitude that you are frail and in poor health then your mind will constantly be looking for and attracting reasons that reinforce this reality. This is an important concept to understand because it is a universal law that is inescapable!

The thing here to remember is that signs to reinforce health and wellness are everywhere waiting to attract into your experience, all you have to do is allow them by changing your attitude which involves uncovering and changing your dis empowering beliefs about your health and wellness.

If you expect good health and look for reasons why you have it, signs will appear.

If you expect to get well, your mind will look for and start finding reasons this is true.

If you expect that you can obtain the fitness level you desire, you will start finding reasons to reinforce this expectation as well!

The signs may be small at first but this is okay. Build on them and soon they will fill your experience.

Whatever direction you want to go, if you believe and expect that you can get there, you will eventually.

So the all time most powerful secret for good health and well being is to become aware of the fact that your beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and expectations about how healthy you are, what your weight should be, how long you will live and so on all play a very, very important role in the actual unfolding of your life.

Thanks for your attention,


The Secret Language of The Universe

The Secret Language of The Universe

By Michael Kahunka 2005

Discover the Language of the Universe and why you should constantly try to raise your vibration.

Everything is some type of energy and everything vibrates at some frequency.

“During the the early part of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein came to the startling conclusion that matter and energy were actually inter convertible and interchangeable.

His famous E = mc² mathematically demonstrated how matter and energy were interrelated. At the time Einstein came up with this conclusion, few scientists could entirely understand the magnitude. But it was this very realization of matters interconvertability into energy that lead to the development of the first atomic bomb, in which a few grams of uranium were converted directly into energy, proving Einstein’s theory in a most unforgettable demonstration.

With the example of the atomic bomb, more scientists came to believe in Einstein’s assertion that matter and energy were two expressions of the same thing. In a variety of experiments in particle physics, in which scientists hurl speeding subatomic particles at targets in atom smashers to study the tiny fragments making up the structure of matter, additional evidence has been gathered confirming that all matter is really a frozen form of energy.” – Richard Gerber, M.D. – A Practical Guide To Vibrational Medicine

You and I are a vast collection of quantum energy oscillating at different frequencies on many different levels exchanging energy and information with the sub atomic world around us.

“The visible world is the invisible organization of energy.” Physicist Heinz Pagels

Our molecules, DNA and cells all dance and vibrate to their own tune, so to “speak.”

Your five senses are highly specialized sensors that translate the vibratory world into the congealed physical world as you know it.

* Your eyes translate vibrations into the world you see.

* Your ears translate vibrations into that which you hear.

* Your nose into what you smell and so on.

Not only is everything and everyone energy, but we are all connected together by the granddaddy of quantum fields, the zero point field.

“Today the vacuum [of space] is not regarded as empty…It is a sea of dynamic energy…like the spray of foam near a turbulent waterfall.” – Dr Harold Puthoff, Physicist

In other words, right now if you were small enough, you could surf right on over to me on a sea of quantum energy waves.

We are connected in this way to everyone and everything else in the universe.

The quantum universe is a sea of subatomic activity that is perpetuated by the constant exchange of energy.

The universe is vibrating.

This quantum energy that makes and flows through us has some pretty amazing characteristics.

Quantum waves are encoded with information…

“One of the most important aspects of waves is that they are encoders and carriers of information. When two waves are in phase, and overlap each other — technically called ‘interference’ — the combined amplitude of the waves is greater than each individual amplitude. The signal get stronger.

This amounts to an imprinting or exchange of information, called ‘constructive interference.’ If one is peaking and the other troughing, they tend to cancel each other out – a process called ‘destructive interference.’

Once they’ve collided each wave contains information, in the form of energy, about the other, including all the other information it contains.

Interference patterns amount to a constant accumulation of information, and wave have a virtually infinite capacity for storage.”Lynne McTaggert – The Field – The Quest For The Secret Force Of The Universe.

You and I are walking receivers and transmitters of intelligent quantum energy waves that flow freely across a universal “communication” network known as the zero point field.

Another amazing aspect about the vibrating energy that make up you and I is something known as “nonlocality.” Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance” and what it basically means is that subatomic particles once in contact, after being separated, can influence and communicate with each other simultaneously regardless of the distance.

All this may help explain:

* Why you tend to “click” with some people immediately and not others.

* Why you feel comfortable around some and not others.

* Why you feel a heightened sense of energy around large crowds

* Why you think of someone and they call you out of the blue shortly thereafter

* First impressions

* Answers to complicated questions all of the sudden appear out of nowhere

* Why a mother wakes up in fear at night when her child is in an accident

* Why certain places “feel” a certain way

* Paranormal activity

Have you ever looked over at someone while passing them in a car and they immediately looked back as if they could “feel” you looking at them?

We are all vibrational transmitters and receivers constantly exchanging “vibes” with the vibratory world around us.

If you can accept this then consider that the quality of your life experience may be directly influenced by:

Your ability to interpret the vibratory world in which we live

How well you are able to express yourself to others in it.

The degree at which you are able to keep your vibratory state at heightened levels.

“You were born with sensitive, evolved, sophisticated translators of vibration that you understand and define your experience. And in the same way you utilize your five physical senses to interpret your physical life experiences, you were born with other sensors – your emotions – which are further vibrational interpreters that help you understand, in the moment, the experiences that you are living.” – Abraham though Esther Hicks – Ask and it is Given.

How you feel emotionally could be said to directly reflect your current vibratory state.

Vibratory states in the higher frequency ranges are associated with emotions of love, joy, contentment and so on while a vibratory state in the lower ranges can be associated with anger, discontentment and depression. The remaining emotions fall somewhere in the middle.

When you experience emotions on the higher scale it is an indication that you are in alignment with your source energy, ( soul, spirit, observer, higher self, etc.) your chakras are humming and energy is flowing freely through your energy meridians.

Life is good in this state and you send out good “vibes.”

And what happens?

The waves you send out start resonating with like waves producing interference and like magic you start noticing “reasons” that support your good feelings and opportunities that would not have been realized at lower vibratory states.

This is the law of attraction (aka the Secret) at its finest!

The exact opposite is also true.

When you experience emotions on the lower scale it is an indication that you are out of alignment with your source energy and blocks and/or disruptions may occur throughout your energy systems.

The waves you send out start resonating with like waves producing interference and like magic you start noticing “reasons” that support your bad feelings and at this point you are either to tired or to close minded to notice anything good about life because of the low frequency events you keep attracting into it.

Please understand all of this is my very simplistic interpretation of a series of very complex processes.

But hopefully you get the point of this article and it is this…

Everything is simply energy. Whether in a congealed state like our physical body or the subtle energies that make up our auric field, humans are vibratory beings that are constantly sending out and receiving waves of intelligent energy over a universal network of quantum energy fields.

While our five physical senses interpret and allow us to experience the physical world, our emotions are sensors that interpret our current vibratory state, our “energy-health” if you will.

Good emotions occur at a higher vibratory frequency.

Bad emotions occur at a lower vibratory frequency.

People who live in and transmit from a higher vibratory state receive (attract) events into their life with similar “waves” through interference and the law of attraction.

So it makes sense that you would want to live in a heightened vibratory state.


To feel good and have a good life.

When you feel good emotionally:

* Life is easier

* You feel more attractive, so you are.

* You don’t have to force yourself to workout or work on your financial goals.

* Life is fun

* It is easier to meet people and make friends

* Your health improves

* Opportunities come your way

* Work does not feel like work

* School becomes fascinating and you absorb information more easily = better grades

* You achieve your goals in stride

* You are more creative

Should I go on?

I think you get the point.

Stick around Kahunka and I’ll shows ways you can raise your vibratory state.


The Mind Body Connection

The Mind Body Connection

Your thoughts have a powerful effect on your body…

…In fact your body hears every word you say!

By Michael Kahunka 2005

What are saying to yourself?

If you:

1. are sick and tired all the time

2. cannot loose weight permanently

3. cannot grow muscle or gain weight

4. are depressed frequently

5. have a hard time socially

Then you really need to start monitoring HOW YOU TALK TO YOURSELF.

You are energy so it just makes sense that all physiological changes begin on the energetic level.

If you want to change your body, your thoughts have to precede that change!

One of the most powerful ways to transform your body is to adopt the THOUGHTS of a person with a body similar to the one you would like to have.

The way they THINK about diet

The way they THINK about exercise

The way they THINK about themselves

The Way they THINK about health and fitness in general

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me” is one of the most untrue sayings of all time!

Not only are words harmful but they just might be responsible for your poor health!!

When you “think” of a word like “sickness,” your mind doesn’t see the letters S-I-C-K-N-E-S-S but rather certain pictures and feelings that represent what the word “sickness” means to you.

In your mind words are not the letters you are reading here, they are represented as pictures or symbols that create emotions within you based on what those pictures or symbols “mean” to you.

More specifically everything that goes on in your head is represented and processed as varying forms of energetic vibrations.

“Our brain primarily talks to itself and to the rest of the body not with words or images, or even bits of chemical impulses, but in a language of wave interference: the language of phase, amplitude and frequency – the ‘spectral domain’. – Neurosurgeon Karl Pribram taken from The Field by Lynn McTaggert

Every word you say to yourself has a meaning that you have attached to it represented by pictures and emotions which are just forms of energy.

As you “think” or talk to yourself, your mind is defining these words almost simultaneously.

Your brain is the gateway between the thought-originating mind that originates from the non-physical you and your body.

Because we BELIEVE that the words we think and say to be TRUTH, our minds are continually working to find evidence to reinforce our beliefs.

The mind generates thoughts which are processed in your brain that in turn produces a physical equivalent such as a hormone or electrical impulses in your nervous system that ultimately causes action and change within your body.

“The Body and mind are so closely connected that not even a single word or thought can come into existence without being reflected in the personality and health of the individual.” – John Prentiss

Not only this, but because thoughts are energy and the Law of attraction states that energy attracts like energy, you will start to draw more of the same type of energy to you that will confirm what you are thinking.

When you sneeze and then say “I must be getting sick,” your mind is defining that thought and LOOKING for reasons it must be true and influencing the brain to create physical conditions to validate the truth!

Let’s check out some other self defeating thoughts:

* Muscle gains come hard for me

* I’ll never have a body like his

* I’ll never loose weight

* I’m tired

* I’m going to be bald by the time I’m forty

* I have bad genes

* I’m just not cut out to do this

Guess what?

Your body believes every word you say!!

“We know that thoughts generated in the brain activate hormone secretions and stimulate other nerve centers within the body. Thoughts, coded as neural impulses, travel along nerve axons, activating muscles and glands similar to the manner in which telephone messages travel over wires in the form of electrical signals. Experiments with GSR, a biofeedback instrument, attached to fingers or toes clearly demonstrate that mental activity clearly reaches into the extremities of the body.”

“With sensitive EMG instruments, we can show that muscles are activated when we think about anything involving action or emotion, even though there may be no visible movement. Although we do not know how thoughts are generated in the brain, it seems clear that once present, thoughts are amplified by the brain and turned into actions. Every thought we think influences millions of atoms, molecules and cells throughout the body. Besides this straightforward effect on the physical body, we know from general principles of physics that any acceleration of electrons produces some electromagnetic radiation.” – Physicist and psychologist Burl Payne, Ph.D. – Taken from the excellent book Your Body Believes Every Word You Say by Barbara Hoberman Levine.

Mind doesn’t dominate body; it becomes body. Body and mind are one. I see the process of communication we have demonstrated, the flow of information throughout the whole organism, as evidence that the body is the actual outward manifestation, in physical space of the mind. Bodymind. At this molecular level there really was no distinction between the mind and the body. -Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert

“Every change in the physiological state is accompanied by an appropriate change in the mental emotional state, conscious or unconscious, and conversely, every change in the mental emotional state, conscious or unconscious, is accompanied by an appropriate change in the physiological state” – Candice Pert, Ph. D. – Molecules of Emotion p. 137

How thoughts affect physiology.

“It is well known by scientists that when a person has a thought, a chemical presence or reaction occurs, and neuropeptides, the chemical correlates of thought, become detectable. Neuropeptides not only are present in the brain but can also be found throughout the body, including the stomach, kidneys and liver. Thus a thought has a real embodied physical presence.” – Fred Gallo, Ph.D and Harry Vincenzi, Ed.D – Energy Tappings –

It will be very hard to become thin if you keep thinking fat. It will be very hard to grow muscle when you believe that you have a hard time doing so.

Sickness and disease in the physical body caused by thoughts and emotions are known as psychosomatic illnesses.

You have got to get rid of the self-defeating self-talk as soon as possible. There are many reasons why you think the way you do but the most important thing to realize is that your thoughts ( which result in your self-talk) form your reality.

If you are fat, stop thinking like a fat person.

As long as you are thinking like a fat person you will never be thin!! All change originates with thought. If you want to be healthy, think like healthy people, do things healthy people do and most importantly ACT like a healthy person does. If you want a totally ripped and buffed body you have got to start thinking exactly like people with ripped buffed bodies think!

If you are sick all the time, stop thinking about sickness all the time.

Start telling yourself that you are healthy and never get sick. Even if you are sick, look for reasons why you are getting well. Your mind and your brain will work together to find reasons to justify your thoughts.

Play the part until it becomes a part of you.

I always tell myself that I never get sick and guess what? I never get sick or at least very, very seldom and never anything serious.

In conclusion the point I want to make is that often we do not realize that little ordinary negative thoughts we have throughout the day have the power to create substantial changes within our bodies.

One of the most important steps toward optimal health and fitness is to be aware of your thoughts and your self talk. Negative words and negative thoughts wreak havoc on your body and will age you at a greatly accelerated rate.

Continually use thoughts like

1. I feel great

2. I feel healthy

3. My body is becoming leaner and stronger

4. I find it easy to eat the right foods

5. Your thoughts and your words are a direct reflection of your beliefs. Make it a point to catch yourself thinking disempowering thoughts and replace them with their opposite.

6. If you want to have the body of a fitness model start thinking thoughts about yourself you imagine fitness models would think about their selves.

7. I love eating right

8. I love working out

9. I am healthy and have a ton of energy

10. I have a fit body

and so on.

In the beginning this will take effort. But from day one your brain will start looking for reasons to justify these new thoughts and the law of attraction will kick in and soon you will start finding enough reasons to solidify those thoughts into beliefs.

Once this happens you will have become what you thought about.

This is a basic law of life. What we think about today becomes what we will be tomorrow.

Thanks for your attention,


Understanding Your Energy Body

Understanding Your Energy Body

By Michael Kahunka 2005

You are not just an organic sack full of bones and organs.

Understanding the nature of your energy body may be even more important than understanding anti-oxidants, nutrition and other types of anti-aging and health protocols

You are energy, in fact energy is all there is.

Understanding that you are an energetic being first and foremost is the most important step you can take in your journey toward optimal health and fitness.

“Energy is the building block of all matter. The same energy that composes your flesh is the same one that composes the bricks of your house and the trees outside. There is no ‘energy of the tree’ and ‘energy of the man’.

It is all the same energy. Energy is constantly at flow, changing form all the time.

This is a very simple explanation of a rather complex thing. At the quantum level, it all looks like one large pool of energy ‘soup’, an ocean of energy, one that is always flowing , one that has different concentrations and essences at various points. Imagine an ocean with a warm spot, a turbulent spot, and so on. (The ocean represents the energy ‘soup’ and the spots represent various physical objects such as your body or a tree). The warm spot exchanges water molecules with the rest of the ocean.

The turbulent spot also exchanges water molecules with the rest of the ocean. But the essence of that warm spot remains warm, and of the turbulent spot turbulent. There is exchange and flow on a molecular level but on the larger level the spots remain warm or turbulent, even though the molecules that composed of them a moment ago are gone and replaced by others from other regions.

The molecules in a warm spot change but the essence or characteristic of that spot remains warmth. The characteristics of a region can remain the same even though the particles forming that region are always different, leaving and entering it from other regions. This is how we look like on a quantum level, one large interconnected field of energy with localizations of characteristics. We share the same energy with everything else, even though we assume unique characteristics. It is a very complex matrix, a complex web.”– David Cameron – Happy Pocketful Of Money

Life is an energetic process. Everything from the sub atomic particles, amino acids, peptides, on up to your DNA and cells that eventually form to make you, you, resonate with their own unique signature frequencies.

“The Einstein equation was simply a recipe for the amount of energy necessary to create the appearance of mass. It means there aren’t two fundamental physical entities, something material and another immaterial – but only one: energy. Everything in your world, anything you hold in your hand, no matter how dense, how heavy, how large, on its most fundamental level boils down to a collection of electric charges interacting with a background sea of electromagnetic and other energetic fields – a kind of electromagnetic drag force.” – B.Haisch – reference taken from The Field, Lynn McTaggert

Even before atoms, amino acids, peptides, proteins and DNA, you are constructed of energy.

Not only are you constructed of energy but there are a numerous number of energy fields that surround and/or flow through your energy exchanging information with you.

“Living systems literally glow. All living cells emit units of light, biophotons. Scientists have been studying this phenomenon of bioluminescence (or “dark luminescence,” since the light emission is very weak) since it was first reported by Alexander Gurvich in 1959.”– The Way of Qigong – Kenneth S. Cohen

There is an incredible ‘energy dance” going on right now inside your body while the “building blocks” that create you communicate with each other and to the world around you.

To the extent that your energies are vibrant and flowing, communicating your own and with the universal energy fields, directly determines your degree of health or lack of it.

Modern science calls the energy fields all around us “subtle energies.”

But the fact is we did not need modern science to “label” anything to confirm it’s existence.

For thousands of years ancient religions and cultures have described the various forms of the same energy.

Jewish cabalists call it yesod

Chinese call it Qi or Chi

The Indians and Tibetans refer to it as prana

Japanese call it Ki

Christians call it the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit

Ituri Pygmies call it megbe

The Beach Boys called it “Good Vibrations.”

While these cultures and/or religions may argue their “energy” is different from the others, if you think about it, your intuition will tell you that this energetic vibration is the universal language of the universe, regardless of labels.

Your body speaks this “energy” language with the universe.

Before your body gets sick physically, it gets sick energetically.

Keeping your energetic body healthy automatically keeps your physical body healthy.

All of the advances in anti-aging medicine will be of little use to you if you have disruptions and/or blockages in your energy system.

Just as homeostasis is key in your biological body, BALANCE is key in your energetic body.

Because everything is energy, everything you eat, everything you come into contact with and everything you are around affects you energetically in some fashion.

Even “places” are a collection of energy.

It is very simple to demonstrate this, consider;

1) When you are in close proximity to someone you dislike the energy is tense

2) When you are next to someone you are attracted to you feel a sexual energy

3) The energy you feel sitting in a jail cell is different than the energy you’d feel at the beach

4) When some people walk into a room you can feel their energy

5) When you walk into a party or a club you can “feel” the energy

6) Some people give you energy

7) Some people take it, and so on.

Humans have a very complex energy system that in part consists of seven main energy centers known as chakras and channels that distribute energy to all of your organs known as meridians.

Although modern orthodox medicine for the most part ignores this vital component of life, an amazing number of medical doctors are staring to practice “energy medicine.”

“Robert Becker, M.D. orthopedic surgeon and researcher, has demonstrated that perineural cells, or nerve sheaths, carry a direct current of electricity. prompting the body to grow, heal, regenerate and repair itself. For this reason, any change in health is always accompanied by electrical changes, both at the site of injury or repair and as an electromagnetic field around the body. The strength, polarity and delivery of electricity determine how and if we healpage 45, The Way of QiGong by Kenneth S. Cohen.

“Health is a state of perfect subatomic communication and ill health is a state when communication breaks down. We become ill when our waves are out of sync.” – Lynne McTaggart from her book The Field.

Start thinking of yourself as an energetic being.

Thanks for your attention,


How to Find Happiness!

How to Turn Your Life Around and Find Happiness

By Michael Kahunka 2006

If you’ve been feeling a little stuck in life lately or maybe things aren’t going your way or maybe you’ve made some bad decisions you are now regretting then maybe this article can help.

We live in a sea of energy that moves in waves.

Some people tend to ride the crest of these waves while others seem to find themselves at the bottom more often.

Everyone rides the ups and downs of life including yours truly.

It is impossible not to because it is the very nature of the universe. You cannot know the good without having experienced the bad.

Everyone has good and bad times in their life.

The difference in the recovery may be in how people define events in their lives internally.

“If you view all the things that happen to you, both good and bad, as opportunities, then you operate out of a higher level of consciousness.” – Les Brown

If you are at a place in your life you no longer wish to be, consider the experience a life lesson and move on.

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

You’ve experienced a life lesson, now why not move on? Don’t have regrets, hold grudges or continue with a “chip on your shoulder” toward yourself, your thoughts and actions or anyone else because these emotions are a form of bad energy.

This energy is real and it will negatively effect you until you release it.

How do you do this??

FORGIVE, forgive, forgive.

Forgiveness a HUGE and important step. You don’t have to forget but you have to forgive.

Lack of forgiveness causes almost all of our self-sabotaging behavior. – Mark Victor Hansen

You’ve experienced a life lesson. Acknowledge it, learn from it, forgive all and let it go so you can move on….don’t dwell in the past because you live in the now.

“Live out of your imagination instead of out of your memory.” – Les Brown

The next thing to create a gratitude list. Write down everything you are thankful for.

“Always look at what you have left. Never look at what you have lost.” -Robert H. Schuller

I can’t begin to explain how important this step is. Gratitude is one of the magic tools you can use to ride the crest of life’s waves or just get back on your surf board again.

Everyone has stuff to be thankful for. I only know you from that short email but from that I see that you can probably see also, you can read and write, you have internet access and you already understand the concepts I share here on Kahunka!! That is a great gratitude list already!

Every day spend five minutes writing and/or reading this list and give thanks to Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, God, the Universe or whatever you consider to be your higher power.

Now it’s time to move on with your life.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” – Yogi Berri

You are unhappy now and want happiness, don’t seek it externally from the state you are presently in because it won’t be there.

Happiness is not best achieved by those who seek it directly. – Bertrand Russell

So how do you find true happiness?

By aligning what you think, say and do with spirit.

The real you, that is, your spirit, your higher self, your observer or whatever you choose to call it does indeed knows what you want.

“Deep down” people know what they want, what they like and who they are but when suppress these feelings and go against our true selves, conflict arises.

So how do I find out what it is I want to do or be?

Sit in a quiet place and relax. Ask yourself if there were no social pressure of any kind from family, friends, employers and so on and you could do, be or have anything you desired, what would it be?

The gut feeling and the little voices you may have been suppressing will start to speak up, listen because this is the way your higher self communicates with you. It will tell you what you want to know.

“Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, “This is the real me,” and when you have found that attitude, follow it.” – William James

“The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.” – Mark Twain

“What this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists…and it becomes available only when you are in that state of mind in which you know EXACTLY what you want…and are fully determined not to quit until you get it.” – Alexander Graham Bell

Determine what you want and make the commitment to go for it. Do not compare your point in life to that of other people. The journey through our human experience is like a horizontal circular track, a horse track if you will. No one is any further along or behind, we are all just at different points along the track.

Reread that last paragraph.

Do not concern yourself with “starting over.”

“You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.” – Barbara Sher

Don’t worry about “generating positive energy” because this will come automatically. Focus on what you love and your desires.

Thoughts do become things but could you imagine if everything we thought about materialized instantly?

Once you know what you want, visualize yourself as already having that condition. Close your eyes for at least ten minutes a day and see yourself as having what it is you desire. see it, touch it, hear it and so on. Every time you do this the desire will move a little closer to you.

But visualizing by itself is not enough. The equation looks like this…

Visualization + Action = Realization

“It is good to dream, but it is better to dream and work. Faith is mighty, but action with faith is mightier.” – Thomas Robert Gaines

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Alva Edison

In other words if you at a point in your life and you wish to move to another, dream, imagine and visualize that condition BUT the second key ingredient is ACTION. You cannot sit on the couch all day and daydream and expect your life change.

Remember however when you are doing what you love and following your dreams, it won’t seem like effort at all.

In closing here are a few more thoughts on “how to be happy.”

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think.” – Dale Carnegie

“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” – Sir James M. Barrie

Thanks for your attention,


Shatter Your Self-Defeating Beliefs

Shatter Your Self-Defeating Beliefs

By Michael Kahunka 2005

Are you ready to create the body of your dreams?

Then let me ask you this…

  • Do you believe that it is just too hard and the commitment is just to great for having a healthy fit body?
  • Do you believe that no matter how hard you try too loose weight, you just can’t keep it off?
  • Do you believe that you’re anchored to having the physic determined by your genes?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you’ve just discovered one of the reasons holding you back from achieving the level of fitness you desire.

You see no matter how much you may desire something, if you have underlying contradictory beliefs about the subject you will sabotage yourself no matter how “hard” you try to move more toward your desire.

Even if you really want to be a muscle god, if you believe “dieting” means starving yourself or going to the gym to workout is a hassle then chances are you will not stick with either of these for long enough to create the physic you seek.

As we grow in life and encounter people, places and things, we collect information about them through our senses which is stored in areas of the mind known as the subconscious and super-conscious.

Imagine this higher mind as a vast belief data bank of which you refer to every time you consciously think about something so you will know what to “feel” about it and how to respond to it.

For example as a youngster you may have cut yourself with a knife so now when you pick up a knife you don’t have to cut yourself with it again or even wonder if it may or may not be able to cut you because as soon as you become consciously aware of the knife, without even knowing it, you access all of your beliefs about the knife which in turn cause you to behave in a certain way towards it.

The beliefs we have stored in our higher mind dictate what how we think which in turn affect what we say and do.

Your collection of beliefs is the program that drives your life.

The problem is sometimes our beliefs are built on faulty and false information.

A very simple example is when you where a child you probably believed in the tooth fairy. There was no way for you the tooth fairy did not exist, after all when you placed a tooth under the pillow and woke to find a $100 bill in it’s place, that was all the evidence you needed. As a child the tooth fairy was a part of your belief system and your reality.

As you grew of course enough new evidence presented itself until those beliefs where replaced with new ones and now your reality is completely different.

And just so you don’t start building faulty beliefs about my childhood, which you may have already started to do, I woke up like most of us with one dollar under my pillow.

The point is if you really desire to create a chiseled muscled physic or you just want to drop 20 pounds and keep it off but are finding it hard to do, you have got to start identifying your underlying beliefs about the subject and change them if need be.

I love to workout, love to go to the gym, don’t ever diet in the classic perception of the term and believe it is easy to keep my body in good shape so you know what?

All of this is true for me.

The old saying goes “change your thoughts and change your life” but really it should say…

Identify and then change your self-defeating beliefs which filter your thoughts and change your life.

If you are looking for a secret formula that can set you on the path to having the body you’ve always dreamed of, you just discovered one.

You can search all day long on self-help sites that offer stuff like NLP, positive thinking, law of attraction and so on and in the end they all attempt to do one thing…

…effectively change your mental programming, the way you think about things.

The formula that follows assumes you have the DESIRE to change and the WILL to IDENTIFY and then CHANGE the underlying disempowering beliefs that are causing you to think, say and do that which is contrary to what you really desire like creating the body you’ve always wanted.

One way to identify dis-empowering beliefs is to consciously police your thoughts and when you find yourself expressing one, identify it and ask yourself “why do I think this way?”

For example…

“I just don’t have time to get into shape”.

So here is a belief that is preventing you from moving toward your fitness goals so now ask yourself why you think this way.

“I work all day and then there’s the kids, night school, Toastmasters and so on”.

Now SHATTER this belief by replacing it with reasons why it is false.

There are plenty of reasons why “I just don’t have time to get into shape” is a false belief here is just one…

You do not need to spend an hour in the gym to start toward getting into shape in fact you can and many people do incorporate a fitness lifestyle into their everyday busy lives.

1. It doesn’t take any extra time to choose to eat healthier every day, maybe by cutting out the sodas or the white flour products

2. It takes very, very little time to park at the back of the lot so you have to walk a little farther to the office or the store and burn some extra calories

3. It takes very little time to do 50 push-ups first thing in the morning

4. It takes very little time to get out of the elevator a few levels below your office and take the stairs the rest of the way

Do you see how easy it is once you identify a dis-empowering belief to tear it apart?

We can see here that the “I just don’t have time” belief is a false one and now that you have proved it to yourself, it’s time to replace it.

You replace the belief with a new one by using an affirmation.

I know, autosuggestion and affirmations have been around a long time but if you want to MAKE A CHANGE get an index card and put something like this on it…

“Every day I find more opportunities throughout my day to get in shape”

Say this every morning with passion twenty times and then carry the card with you throughout the day and every time you think of it, repeat the affirmation to yourself.

Guess what?

Your brain will look for reasons to justify what you believe and think about.

You will be amazed at how opportunities to work toward getting into shape start coming into your life.

Opportunities you would never see as long as that old negative belief was coloring your thoughts.

You can use this same exact process for any old belief you come across that is holding you back.

“I can never gain weight”

“I will always be heavy because mom and dad are fat, it’s in my genes”

“It is just to difficult to gain muscle”

“I’ve tried but it is no use”

“I just can’t get my abs to show through…”

All of these can be shattered and replaced with empowering beliefs just like the example above.

As long as you let these programs run unchecked, you will continue to receive exactly what you expect.

Remember that as long as you BELIEVE something to be true, you will always LOOK for and ONLY see reasons to reinforce your beliefs.

In summary to change your body, your health and/or your life, identify potential damaging beliefs you may have that are holding you back, expose them for the false prophets they truly are and then replace them with a new belief through an affirmation.

Thanks for your attention,


The Dream Manifesting Formula

The Dream Manifesting Formula

A Formula for Manifesting Your Dreams into Their Physical Equivalent

By Michael Kahunka 2008

Are you satisfied with the direction your life is going?

Have you already given up on achieving your new year’s resolutions? Do you sometimes feel yourself feeling overwhelmed, hopeless or un-inspired?

Use the formula below to start creating the life of your dreams and make 2008 the year you’ll look back on and say “that was the year my life really took off!”

A major cause of poor performance, unhappiness, low self confidence and even depression is the feeling of lack control over one’s life.

Uncertainty and a lack of direction in life are a couple of major reasons for this.

All too often people wander through life without a plan and as a result are influenced and controlled by the plans of others.

They are not sure why they are here or where they are going for that matter.

This can cause low nerve force (personal power), resentment, discontentment with life and all of the other states mentioned above. Having direction and a sense of knowing with clarity what you want in life is the starting point for personal power and satisfaction.

Please always remember…

If you are not working on your goals and dreams, you’re most certainly working on someone else’s.

We all have a mission in life, something that truly inspires us, something that we would gladly do for free without pay and makes us feel complete while we do it or work toward fulfilling it.

For some this may be a charitable cause while for others it could be more financial, spiritual or anything in between. There are probably as many different life missions on this planet right now as there are souls to express them.

This desire to live and/or achieve one’s life purpose originates in Spirit, the true “you” that exists in the pauses between your thoughts (more on this in later articles).

Thoughts on the other hand are a product of the mind.

Your mind is not “you” but rather an incredible device that when used correctly is the most powerful non-physical-to-physical creation tool in the known universe.

Your life today is a result of all of the thoughts and resulting actions you have taken up until this point in your life.

You’ve probably heard it before but your thoughts create your life.

Many people have never learned to harness the mind so their thoughts are unfocused, random and scattered which leads to random results which can lead to frustration and discontentment.

Happy fulfilled people know how to FOCUS their thoughts to achieve what they want in life.

Unhappy and unfulfilled people on the other hand are usually that way because they are in constant conflict with what they truly want from life and what they actually think about, do and say in everyday life.

A giant step taken toward being fulfilled is achieved by aligning that which you truly desire (Spirit) with your thoughts (mind) which will result in you thinking, saying and taking actions that are in harmony with what you truly want out of life, what you really stand for.

Aligning Spirit and mind also has amazing effects on your physical health which we’ll talk about in another post.

Simply put, we all have a “reason” for being here, the reason we are on this earthly journey.

Find yours and create a plan to achieve it because only then will you be living the life of your dreams.

Doing this will empower your life and escalate you to great heights in personal achievement.

The formula below has been used for ages by people from all walks of life to create powerful, meaningful lives.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is “what do I want from life?”

How can you expect to find to find something when you don’t even know what it is?

What excites you?

What is your passion?

What would you work day and night without pay for because you love it?

What do you want to be remembered for?

As we approach the dawn of a new decade now would be a fantastic time to take some time out of your day and daydream about what you want, the dream life that awaits you in the future.

Imagine you were given a magic wand by a 30’ tall purple genie and she told you that by waving it, you could have, do or be anything that your heart desired, what would that be?

What would you do for a living if you could wave your magic wand and it would come true?

Close your eyes and visualize yourself doing what you would truly love to do if could do anything your heart desired.

What would you act like if you were doing this? What would doing this feel like? Who would your friends be? Where would you live? What would you look like?

Wave your magic wand and create your dream life in your thoughts and then write it down on paper.

You might have several things you want to accomplish so write them all down.

Chances are there will be one thing that stands out above all the others, the one thing that if accomplished would help make all your other dreams come true, one thing that you want to achieve in life more than anything else.

This one thing may be your life’s purpose or mission.

Determine what you want and then put it into writing! Everything ever created by humankind began this way.

When writing your list always use first person i.e. “I am” or “I have” as though you have already obtained that which you desire.

Add a date when you intend to have achieved it.

“I HAVE lost 20 pounds and can fit into a sexy pair of skinny jeans by December 31st 2008.”

If you had written this then you should also have a clear vision of yourself already wearing that pair of skinny jeans on New Year’s Eve 2012!

“I AM the manager of my division and make the manager’s salary of 100k by June 1st 2009.”

What would your office look like then? What type of car would you be driving? What kinds of charities would you want to help support as a result of your increased salary?

“I am the founder of one of the country’s most success homeless shelters which rehabilitates thousands of people every year by December 31st 2012.

Recording your thoughts this way starts the process of taking your dreams which are non-physical and turning them into the physical equivalent.

This is a powerful step, so powerful I’m going to repeat it three times.

1. Determine what you want with crystal clarity and write it down on paper.

2. Determine what you want with crystal clarity and write it down on paper.

3. Determine what you want with crystal clarity and write it down on paper.

Some people live in the non-physical world most of the time. They day dream all day long and make big plans in their head but don’t know how to manifest the real-world equivalent of their dreams while others are masters of creating the physical counterpart of the dreams of others and never learn how to do it for their own life.

Dreams begin in the non-physical as thoughts and materialize into the physical world through actions taken by you and others in the physical world.

When you write your dreams down you plant the seeds of their physical equivalent which are then cultivated by the next step in this magical process…


Action is the soil and water needed to grow these seeds into the real life counterparts.

In the physical world it is focused ACTION that turns dreams into reality.

How do you know which actions you need to take to achieve the life in your vision?

By taking the description of the visions that you have written down on a sheet of paper with a pen as suggested above and asking the question…

“…what steps would I need to take to achieve this dream (goal)?”

Write down all the steps (actions) that would be required for you to reach your goal/dream/mission.

Make a list of actionable steps and then breaking those steps down into smaller more manageable steps.

Make a daily “to do” list and then start immediately working on crossing items off of that list.

Nourish your seeds every day by rewriting them every morning.

Create your “to do” list for the next day the prior night using the actionable steps list(s) you’ve already created. Move items not finished one day to the next day’s list.

Each day take some action that will move you toward your dream/goal.

Every morning while you rewrite your goals/dreams/mission visualize yourself as already having accomplished what you intend to do however when working from the list don’t worry about the bigger picture just concentrate on one step at a time knowing that with each step taken your objective is drawing closer and closer to you.

Knowing what you want and creating a plan to accomplish it will set your life on course and empower you to reach new heights.

Like most things this plan can be modified to suit your needs. You can break your actionable steps down into 6 month, 3 month, 1 month and weekly lists if you want to track your progress.

This is fine but what I’ve found is the more simple the plan, the more likely it is I will stick to it which is extremely important. Keep it simple at first so it is easy to follow then later after you’ve gained some experience go ahead and add sub-lists.

The key points for this formula are:

Being “stuck” in life and feeling dissatisfied or even worse is usually seen in people that do not have a plan for their life. They have no direction and usually feel powerless as a result.

Decide today to determine with crystal clarity what it is in life you truly want and write it down on paper as though you have already obtained it.

Take what you wrote and break it down into small actionable steps and use these steps to make a plan that you can follow.

Make a daily “to do” list and transfer items from your plan to the daily list and work each day to cross off as many items as possible.

Every morning rewrite your main list of dreams/goals and then start working on the list immediately crossing off items as you finish them.

At the end of each day pan the next by transferring actionable steps to your daily list.

Using this formula or some version of it to determine what you want in life and then making an actionable plan to achieve it will immediately give you a new outlook and inspire you to do great things with your life.

Thanks for listening,


Your Thoughts Influence Your Genetics

Your Thoughts Influence Your Genetics

By Michael Kahunka 2009

How your thoughts actually CHANGE your physical body for better or worse.

Epigenetics simply means “above” genetics and in part involves the study of how outside influences affect mechanisms inside the cell like gene expression.

Over the last ten to fifteen years science has been discovering some amazing things about the life of cells and how they operate.

Maybe one of the most profound realizations to come from this is that the common dogma of genetic determinism has been found to be wrong even though it is still being taught in many medical schools today.

The nucleus is not the “brain” of the cell.

We are not helpless victims with a predetermined fate decided by the genes we inherited from our ancestors because while our genes definitely determine our characteristics, we have a great deal of control over the final determination in most cases!

This is bad news if you use genetics as an excuse for your ill health and great news because it means just because obesity, cancer, diabetes or a host of other conditions may be prevalent in your family tree, this does not mean that you are automatically destined to suffer from these conditions!

Let’s take a closer look.

Inside your cells you have chromosomes (packages) that contain a single long strand of DNA (genetic information) that is divided up into genes (sections of DNA) that contain the instructions your cells need for every function, think of it as a set of blueprints for building YOU.

We all know that the information stored in our genes helps to determine traits like eye and hair color, height and so on but while it used to be believed that this hereditary information determined our general health, wellness and longevity, it is now thought that in fact genetics only plays a small role in these things, maybe 30% or less!

Here’s why…

Surrounding every gene and all of your genetic information is a protein sleeve.

As long as this sleeve surrounds the DNA the information on the strand of DNA (the blueprint) is not communicated to the cell.

Imagine a set of blueprints rolled up inside a cardboard tube.

The tube could be sitting on the desk of the construction manager’s office but because the blueprints are concealed inside the tube, he does not yet have access to the instructions he needs to start building.

It is only after he removes the blueprints from the tube that he can see the “instructions” to start work.

Dawson Church in his book Genie in Your Genes explains it this way.

“Around each strand of DNA is a protein “sleeve.” This sleeve serves as a barrier contained in the DNA strand and the rest of the intracellular environment. In order for the blueprint in the DNA to be “read,” the sleeve must be unwrapped. Unless it is unwrapped, the DNA strand cannot be “read,” or the information it contains acted upon. Until the information is unwrapped, the blueprint in the DNA lies dormant. That blueprint is required by the cell to construct other proteins that regulate virtually every aspect of life.” – Dawson Church, Genie in Your Genes (page 40) 2007

This is what the term “gene expression” means.

Until the information in the DNA is exposed to the cell environment, that gene is dormant. When the information is uncovered and made available to the cell, it has been “expressed.”

Inside every one of your 50-70 billion or so cell nucleuses on your DNA contain the “instructions” needed for your cells to manufacture proteins that will end up being used for any one of a variety of functions that make you, you.

In very simple terms, the blueprints that instruct your cells to do things that in turn cause you to gain weight, be healthy or sick, “develop” cancer or some “genetic” disease, make your hairline recede and countless other actions are contained within your DNA always but unless these instructions are exposed and given to the cell, the instructions are never acted upon!

If diabetes is hereditary in someone’s family and they develop it when they are fifty years old, why do you think it took fifty years for the disease to develop? Because while the information to “develop diabetes” was always there, it was not made available to the cell for fifty years!!

So I guess the next question is what causes the exposing of or “expression” of a gene?

Remember earlier I said the cell nucleus is not the brain.

You can remove the nucleus and the cell continues to function normally for some time. The nucleus is simply the “hard drive” that stores all of the instructions, that’s pretty much it.

So then what is the brain?

It is the cell wall!

The cell wall is covered with gazillions of receptor protein molecules each having little antennas sensing and waiting to receive signals from the cell environment.

These signals are picked up on by the receptor proteins and transferred through the cell wall, into the nucleus unlocking and removing a corresponding protein sleeve thus exposing the information of which is then acted upon.

It is the signal that triggers the exposing of and implementation of the genetic information. Before the signal the information is only potential but after it is applied!

So what are these all important signals anyway?

Signals could be chemical like hormones or enzymes or they could be energetic like emotions and thoughts!

There you have it my friends!

For years we have been taught that positive thoughts are good for health and well being while negative thoughts are detrimental to these things.

Now we actually have a process connecting the two.

On a macro level your perception of and interaction with your environment affects the micro level of your cells perception of and interaction with their environment which causes a continual second by second reprogramming of your genetics resulting beneficial or detrimental gene expression.

What this means is that the thoughts we think and the emotions we experience really do have the ability to change us physically.

“Your beliefs become your biology” – Norman Cousens from Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, 1989.

The 50-70 billion cells that create your body are literally “listening to” every thought you think, and are responding accordingly.

This is why two identical twins at birth can end up not only looking completely different in old age but have widely varying degrees of health and wellness throughout their lifetime.

The thoughts you think, the things you say and the actions you take all immediately affect your genetic makeup to some degree.

Understanding and acting on this information may be one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellness.

Bruce Lipton is considered one of the foremost authorities on this subject, there are several great and very entertaining videos available with him explaining in detail what I have just touched on.

Thanks for your attention,


Workout Words – Using Visualization in the Gym

Workout Words

Using visualization to maximize your workouts

By Michael Kahunka 2006

Kahunka on the beach

Here I am one morning after a run on the beach

How to use the power of thought to experience killer muscle building workouts in the gym!!

Page Overview

  1. The Magic Muscle Building Formula.
  2. The most powerful muscle building tool known.
  3. Workout Words to maximize your health and fitness
  4. The fierce muscle building machine.

The Magic Muscle Building Formula

There is no secret to how muscle is built.

To build a muscle you have to push it a little bit more than it has been pushed before which will cause tiny microscopic tears in the muscle tissue.

At this point your body will go to work repairing the damaged tissue and your part is to simply provide the muscle with the proper nutrients and adequate rest the body needs to do its job.

Several days later if the PUSH / NUTRIENTS / REST formula is followed, you will emerge with a slightly bigger and stronger muscle.

Every month the news stands are loaded with health and fitness magazines that claim to have the latest and greatest programs for building muscle and getting ripped but it all boils down to effective implementation of:

  1. Pushing the muscle harder than it is accustomed to working
  2. Consuming the proper nutrients
  3. Getting adequate rest and recuperation

Repeat this formula over and over until you have built the muscle you want.

If you are not building muscle then you are not effectively implementing one or more components of the Magic Muscle Building Formula.

From spending overf two decades in the gym, I can say that most people fail to push their muscles hard enough to initiate the growth process.

Time and time again I see it.

Guys at the chatting with their friends, talking on the phone and then casually going through the motions of lifting the weight so they can justify the trip to the gym.

And then they wonder why they don’t build muscle.

If you continue to do the same exercises with the same intensity, your body is going to continue to look the same as it does now.

To get a killer muscle building workout you need three ingredients;

  1. Visualization
  2. Focus
  3. Intensity

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool you could use that could easily create the three ingredients you need for your killer workout?

You are in luck my friend because there is such a tool and you can use it to optimize your health and fitness and transform your body into a muscle god if you choose to.

The all-powerful tool is THOUGHT.

In fact thought is the most powerful creation tool in the entire universe!

Look around your room right now and think about it.

Everything you see around you did not exist until someone THOUGHT about the possibility of CREATING it.

  • The computer
  • The desk
  • The keyboard
  • The chair

Try to look around the room and find anything that was not created from thought.

Think about all of the thought that went into building the processor that is powering your computer right now.

EVERY ripped fitness model you see in the magazines has put an enormous amount of thought into their body because there is no way around this.

Thought is an absolute prerequisite in the creation of anything.

It is the perfect tool for creating the body you desire!!

Thoughts have varying degrees of power.

One of the 50,000 or so random thoughts that float through your consciousness everyday may have very low energy and very little collective power.

A repetitive thought combined with emotion ( energy in motion ) is like like a seed that has the potential to grow into a physical equivalent of the thought.

A repetitive thought combined with emotion, faith and persistence contains the creative force of the universe.

So what does this have to do with creating your body?

Like the tip of an iceberg you body is a tiny little part of something much larger and unseen.

Your body is the physical manifestation of the “real” you.

So who are “you” then?

You are the Observer of the experience that you create. This Observer could also be called Spirit, Soul or as I like to think of it, the Thinker of the thought.

In really simple terms think of the mind as a funnel that condenses the omnipotent life force energy flowing through it into matter.

Thoughts are like a program inside the funnel that play a role in determining the “shape” of that which is manifested, like the body.

While you are not your thoughts, your life on this collection of quantum fields we call earth is for the most part a summation of all of your thoughts since you arrived here in your physical form.

The condition of your body today is largely a result of all of your thoughts in the past about your body.

Whether your body is better or worse a year from now will be the result of your thoughts about it every day up to that point.

If you want a lean muscled body six months from now and you do not have one today, you have got to change your thinking or you will end up with the same body six months from now that you have today.

If you continue to think like you’ve always thought you will continue to get what you’ve always got.

  • If you want to look like a body builder, THINK like a body builder.
  • If you want to look like a health and fitness model, THINK like a fitness model.

OK let’s get down to business.

The following formula is a simple way to fire up the power of your mind to help improve the effectiveness of your workouts and while this article uses building muscle as an example, the technique can be applied to any life endeavor.

This also assumes you are experienced with weight lifting  and you should take caution not to hurt yourself.

Step ONE – Visualization

The first thought tool we are going to use for our killer mind-blowing muscle building workout is visualization and this part of your workout starts BEFORE you start your physical workout.

Visualization is one of if not the most important steps for manifesting your desires, in this case a more muscular body.

“If you want to reach your goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.” – Zig Ziglar

“The use of mental imagery is one of the strongest and most effective strategies for making something happen for you.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Creative visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life.” – Shakti Gawain

“Perhaps the most effective method of bringing the subconscious into practical action is through the process of making mental pictures – using the imagination.” – Claude Bristol

“There is a law in psychology that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, and you keep and hold that picture there long enough, you will soon become exactly as you have been thinking.”William James, 1842-1910, Psychologist and Author

Start collecting pictures of physiques similar to what you want your body to look like.

Just before your workout look at the picture of the body and more specifically the body part you intend to workout.

Lately I’ve been working on growing my shoulders so I have a pictures of a guy with shoulders just like the ones I want mine to grow into so I look at the pictures and visualize mine looking that way.

Spend about 5 minutes visualizing the body part(s) you are about to workout.

Can you close your eyes and see in vivid detail the body part you are about to workout? Imagine what you look like having already accomplished that which you intend to do.

Let’s keep going.

Step TWO – Focus

Be assured that when bodybuilders train they are on a mission to thoroughly and completely stress the muscles they are working enough to cause breakdown and then growth of the muscle fibers.

If you want to grow serious muscle this has got to be your mission in the gym as well.

Random thoughts although weak are still enough to break your focus and affect your workout.

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a set and all of the sudden some random off-the-wall thought creeps into your head and you immediately loose concentration and practically drop the weights, then you know what I’m talking about.

Your objective is to focus on pushing yourself just a little bit further (without hurting yourself) than ever before because this is how muscle fibers breakdown at which point re-growth occurs.

Remember if you simply lift the same weight as you did last workout, your muscles are going to remain the same size.

Close your eyes and visualize the picture from step one. Feel your muscles expanding to the size of the guys (or gals) muscles in your picture.

Imagine that the body in the picture is your body. Because it is your body you are able to lift more weight than usual.

Visualizing this desired end result is a very powerful tool.

Step THREE – Intensity

You’re at the gym, you’re focused on your workout and you have a clear vision of what your body is going to look like in your head.

Now it’s time to supercharge your workout.

How do we do this?

With words of course!!

Think of words as symbols we use to describe things to ourselves and others.

For the purposes of this article think about how certain words and word combinations create specific feelings within you.

Words have a powerful drug-like effect on your body and if used properly can be a powerful tool in developing the body of your dreams.

We associate emotions and feeling with words. For example if someone approaches you and says “You are very beautiful,” that combination of words will probably cause good feelings to come over you because you probably associate the word “beautiful” as something that is desirable.

If someone says “I love you” the feeling you will experience is much different than if they say “I hate you.”

The last step in creating our killer mind-blowing muscle building workout is for you to choose some INTENSE and POWERFUL words or combination of words you can say to yourself while you are working out.

For example here are mine.

INTENSE / POWERFUL – I always try to describe my workouts as intense and powerful and workout accordingly.

PUMPS – This is a word I use to envision my muscles, usually my legs when doing squats or running on the beach, as powerful non-tiring mechanical pumps.

MACHINE – I use “I’m and machine” fairly often in my workouts because to me a machine does not get tired it just keeps going, feeling no pain.

I’m having a FIERCE workout – A phrase I use to describe my workout.

KEEP GOING – This is a phrase I use quite often to keep me moving with intensity and power to the next exercise.

Find words that represent intensity and power within you and start using these words to describe your workouts.

This could also be the name of someone you look up to and envision as as INTENSE and POWERFUL person.

In summary

1) Your workout should start before you hit the gym. Find a picture of a body just like the one you desire and visualize it for several minutes before you hit the gym. Make sure the picture is clear enough in your head so you can see it is vivid detail when you are working out.

2) Focus on your workout, don’t go to the gym to look pretty and socialize for an hour. All your thoughts should be on your muscles and how your body is growing into the same as the one in your visualizations. Feel your muscle expand and grow, see them growing in your mind. Remember that the body is the physical extension on your non-physical mind.

EXPECT that because you push a little harder than ever before your body will grow quickly and look similar to the body in your picture.

3) Create a powerful and intense workout by using words that create those feelings within you.

Putting it together…

You drive to the gym creating the experience you are about to have with with powerful and intense words and phrases.

You can vividly see the body you are working to create.

At the gym you are on a mission. You power through your sets with intensity pushing farther than ever before keeping focused on your expanding muscles. Muscles that are growing rapidly to form the body you hold in your vision.

You constantly repeat your workout words for continued power and intensity.

When you can’t do one more rep…

…visualize your new body and ask yourself how bad you want it and then do TWO more reps!!

May you reach your health and fitness goals and may all your workouts be mind-blowing and muscle building,