The Pillars of Optimal Health

This section of Kahunka will reflect what I believe is the best way to increase your odds of having a healthy, fulfilling life. The American Disease Machine and the official narrative of “health” is based within Newtonian Physics, that is, it tries to explain something by breaking it down into the smallest pieces possible and doesn’t put importance on the whole. This line of thinking is very profitable. Why prevent when you can profit? Drugs work by circumventing a single piece or pathway of system which almost always causes a negative chain reaction within the system often doing more harm in the long run.

I believe the secret to health is found by taking the preventative approach and looking at life through the “we are all energy and we are all connected” lens. Contrary to what the Disease Machine agents claim, this approach can now be explained by quantum mechanics.

A Healthy, Vibrant Connection to Life Force

This is the primary pillar and all of the others either weaken and destroy or strengthen and reinforce this one. As I develop this section we will explore more closely what Life Force is, but for now I’ll keep it simple.

For this pillar we don’t need to know the source of Life Force, only accept that it exists. Einstein’s famous E=MC2 equation basically says that mass is condensed energy. You and I and everything that we can see, touch, taste, feel and smell is simply congealed energy vibration.

Try to imagine an energy field from which everything manifests. Much of this field (for example, empty space) is in a super low energy state or “potential” ready to be developed and formed.

Electrons are excited, movement occurs and the subsequent vibration patterns that follow begin to mold and form this tiny spot within the field into existence. Whether a rock, planet or a tree is formed depends on the nature and intention of the force creating.

The Life Force, (insert your belief here) is also of the field, just in a higher state. Life Force is what keeps animate creations of the field in an “excited and higher” state.

So the physical “you” is really a complex, vibrant energy being that is not just connected to the field, but a tiny piece of it, just like everything else.

Not only are you an energy creation but it takes energy to keep you in your “physical” form. We are designed to interact with Life Force, to draw strength from it and to experience it, experience life.

Our life depends on it.

All of our senses are energy sensors that connect us to the field at a higher level. When your ears start to fail, they don’t pick up auditory vibrations as well so you start to “lose your hearing” which means to some degree, you become more disconnected from your higher state of being. Same goes for all of your senses, the more dysfunctional they become, the less connected to life you become.

This is true at every level of your body. For example your DNA are tiny antennas immersed within the field continuously communicating with and receiving varying types of vibration like epigenetic signals which influence genetic expression, the instructions that instruct your cells what to do.

Maintaining a strong, vibrant connection to Life Force is the single most important thing you can do for a vibrant, healthy life. When you become completely disconnected from Life Force, you return to the potential which means for us humans, that we die.

This first and most important pillar is metaphysical in nature so the Ministry of Science at the Disease Machine has no interest in studying it or promoting it in fact since it’s inception, the Machine has discouraged, discredited and ridiculed this pillar.

Lucky for us, strengthening this pillar is both easy and free and often downright enjoyable.

Let’s touch on a few ways to do this in no specific order.

Clarifying and pursuing your PURPOSE in life
Living life with INTENTION and mindfulness
SOCIAL interaction with other beings

And so on.

Knowledge of the American Disease Machine

Being able to see what the American Disease Machine is, how it operates and how to avoid it’s products and influence makes up the next pillar in the foundation for good health.

The human body is very resilient and it’s natural instinct is to progress toward a healthful state. The “you” that looks back when you peer into a mirror is actually a community of trillions of individual life forms like cells and bacteria that have formed communities and cooperate with each other for the purpose of not only to survive, but to flourish.

They are very good at it and don’t ask for much from us in order to be healthy.

Clean, pure, oxygen rich air
Clean, pure water
Clean, pure, nutrient dense food
A clean, unpolluted environment
A stress free, relaxing environment to exist

That’s pretty much it. If you could provide these items combined with as many of the items listed under the first pillar, you’d be giving yourself the best chance at a healthy, vibrant life.

Unfortunately there is a powerful force in our lives that makes this very difficult, one that I have coined The American Disease Machine.

Loosely defined, the Disease Machine is a group of large multinational businesses that as a whole, profit from treating diseases that they originally profited on by creating.

Historically, the Machine has a track record that almost always puts profits before people.

The Disease Machine is very powerful and easily buys greedy, corrupt politicians assuring a continued environment of little to no regulation of the industry.

It’s a well-known fact that there is a revolving door through which Disease Machine agents enter key positions in government agencies like the FDA and EPA to create favorable policy for the Machine and then return through the revolving door back to their lucrative civilian positions.

In other words the government agencies that supposedly protect you and I are being run by the very people they are supposed to be protecting us from.

The FDA has always been the guard dog for the American Disease Machine.

Today in our modern consumer society we coexist with tens of thousands of man-made chemicals many of which never been tested for safety. Some of these chemicals make their way into the foods we eat, the personal care products that we use and the everyday products that we buy.

The food industry in America is truly a modern marvel. I’ve lived here for 50 years and I can never recall at any time there ever being a food shortage. The supermarket shelves in the United States are always full and there is a fast food restaurant on every other corner of any decent sized city that you can go to practically any hour of the day and get a cheap, satisfyingly tasty meal.

But here’s the problem. It’s mostly all fake.

A majority of the food eaten in the United States today is a mix of something that starts out resembling food, some chemicals used to make it taste better, some more chemicals used to make it look better, even more chemicals used to make it last longer and sometimes a few bonus chemicals added for the purpose of getting you hooked so you will buy more of it.

Sadly, much of the food available today, as delicious and convenient as it is, is either completely devoid of vital nutrients we need for good health and/or is full of chemicals called food additives that were put there by an industry that operates with very little oversight and very little concern for your health.

When dangers are exposed such as in the case of Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, of which has been shown by several independent groups to be a potent carcinogen, industry trolls go to work to discredit and demoralize the whistleblowers into silence.

Glyphosphate, the main ingredient in Roundup, has been raining down on crops around the world for decades to the tune of billions and billions of pounds blanketing the vegetables we eat, saturating the soil, leaking down into the country’s water tables and into the water supply.

The question isn’t whether most of us have glyphosphate inside us, but how much.

This is just one example out of numerous that could fill a large book.

The number of things that exist in our environment today that have the potential to make us sick is staggering.

It’s way, way worse than most people realize.

The only way you can become knowledgeable about this is to spend time studying it. It’s not information you will likely see in the corporate media. And it’s definitely not taught in the schools just look at the quality of food served in school cafeterias throughout the country.

People believe they are free and independent while at the same time allowing themselves to be slowly poisoned by system that was designed to do exactly that.

Don’t be one of those people.

Make a commitment to live your life outside of the Machine.

Vital Nutrient Supplementation

Today, the American farms at which our food is grown are in dire condition.

Soil erosion, monoculture, overuse of inorganic nitrogen fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and other unhealthy farming practices have depleted the soil of its nutrients and the vital microorganisms required to grow healthy sustainable food.

Today it is nearly impossible to get all of the nutrients you need to be healthy from the foods that are most readily available.

Our species evolved in a time when rich soils blanketed the earth and the pollution that we are bathed in today from the industrial revolution of the last 100 or so years was nonexistent.

The human body is a complex energetic and biochemical machine that requires vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients to flourish. Today I still hear “health experts” claim that supplementation is a waste of money and only produces expensive urine.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I agree that too much of a good thing is bad however so is too little. It doesn’t take a PhD in nutrition to understand that if we lack certain vital nutrients our bodies are not going to function optimally.

For example, let’s just take one mineral, magnesium.

It’s estimated that most of us are deficient in magnesium because our food is deficient in it.

Magnesium is one of the most important if not the most important minerals you need. Magnesium is a co-factor in nearly 300 enzymatic reactions that take place in your cells playing a role in DNA replication, DNA repair and RNA synthesis.

Having a deficiency in just this one mineral can have a profound negative effect on cell metabolism.

It would be like a construction crew trying to build a house without nails and yet our modern foods have deficiencies that span across the whole spectrum of nutrients required for optimal health.

You also need healthy bacteria, remember that bacterial cells outnumber your human cells 10 to 1.

The American Disease Machine has turned us into germ-a-phobes but the truth is if all the bacteria inside you died, you would too.

Keeping your human microbiome healthy is key for good health which is why supplementation to support a healthy microbiome is so important.

Unless you grow your own food on a remote farm that has soil rich in nutrients and soil based organisms, which are killed off from modern farming practices, supplementation of vital nutrients is a must for optimal health.

Don’t believe for one second the soulless Disease Machine trolls that present false, misleading studies designed to make you think supplementation is a waste of money. A healthy population that does not need managed disease care is not very profitable.

Think about it and follow the money.


It could be said that… Life is movement.

Death is cessation of movement.

Our physical bodies are made to move, not sit for hours at a time.

The more you move, the more you live and the more you experience life.

It wasn’t so long ago we humans had to be very active in order to survive, life was much, much more physical.

Because it was adapt or die, our bodies adapted to perform and improve in response to physical stress. The body loves to be challenged, to grow and to improve. Genetically, it’s in our programming.

When you work out with weights your muscle tone improves and you get bigger and stronger. The more you run, the more you will be able to run and the faster you try, the faster you will.

Our lymphatic system which is said to be the bodies sewer system, circulates using the body’s physical movement unlike the cardiovascular system which has the heart for a pump.

Any type of movement is good. Walking, gardening, running, doing the dishes, playing Frisbee, riding a bike and basically just doing things that constitute living life, it’s all exercise.

But here’s the deal, if you want to improve your physical body you have to constantly challenge it. When we challenge our body, it prepares for the next episode of that challenge by activating gene expression favorable to improvement.

For example, by epigenetically modifying the instructions that are revealed to the cell, they start manufacturing anabolic hormones like testosterone and human growth hormone.

Low testosterone in men is an epidemic today and there are two main reasons for this.

First, chronic exposure to numerous environmental toxins like xenoestrogens and second, from not consistently taking actions that give the body good reason to produce testosterone. Testosterone is the warrior hormone that evolutionarily speaking helped to boost our odds of outrunning a tiger, catching dinner, defending the family or outwitting a rival tribe.

The thing is, most guys today just aren’t subjected to these types of challenges and because the body is very efficient it won’t take the energy to produce what’s not needed anymore.

You don’t need to out run a tiger or battle a rival tribe to program your body to stay in prime condition.

The secret?

Short bursts of intense physical movement.

For example, sprinting as hard and as long as you can until your anaerobic system kicks in.

Catch your breath and repeat. Work your way up to four or five sets.

Exerting yourself in this manner at least occasionally and preferably more often is absolutely vital for maintaining the strength of this pillar.

This is why High Intensity Interval Training is so popular today. Programs like to Tabata and CrossFit are examples of exercise programs that emphasize this.

Resistance training is another example of a movement that keeps the body in a youthful state. For example lifting weights epigenetically programs the body to go to a state more favorable for repair and growth. Muscle cells broken down during exercise are not only repaired, their size increases and their quality improves.

So walk, shop, garden, dance, jog and play ball but whatever it is you do, make sure that you challenge yourself because the body loves and it needs to be challenged.

While short bursts of intense movement activate the mechanisms that put your body in an anabolic state, subsequent periods of deep, rejuvenating rest is the time when the real magic happens.

Just like everything else in the universe, our body operates in cycles. Practicing and improving your Move Hard Rest Hard Cycle is key to good health.

Today it seems many people just meander along through life moving minimally throughout the day, to the car, to the office, back to the car and back home again and then resting poorly throughout the night just to get up in the morning to repeat this life draining cycle over again…and again…and again.

When you are awake, move as much as possible and challenge yourself frequently. Complete the cycle with deep, rejuvenating rest and this pillar will be strong in your foundation for optimal health.