Shatter Your Self-Defeating Beliefs

By Michael Kahunka

Are you ready to create the body of your dreams?

Then let me ask you this…

  • Do you believe that it is just too hard and the commitment is just to great for having a healthy fit body?
  • Do you believe that no matter how hard you try too loose weight, you just can’t keep it off?
  • Do you believe that you’re anchored to having the physic determined by your genes?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you’ve just discovered one of the reasons holding you back from achieving the level of fitness you desire.

You see no matter how much you may desire something, if you have underlying contradictory beliefs about the subject you will sabotage yourself no matter how “hard” you try to move more toward your desire.

Even if you really want to be a muscle god, if you believe “dieting” means starving yourself or going to the gym to workout is a hassle then chances are you will not stick with either of these for long enough to create the physic you seek.

As we grow in life and encounter people, places and things, we collect information about them through our senses which is stored in areas of the mind known as the subconscious and super-conscious.

Imagine this higher mind as a vast belief data bank of which you refer to every time you consciously think about something so you will know what to “feel” about it and how to respond to it.

For example as a youngster you may have cut yourself with a knife so now when you pick up a knife you don’t have to cut yourself with it again or even wonder if it may or may not be able to cut you because as soon as you become consciously aware of the knife, without even knowing it, you access all of your beliefs about the knife which in turn cause you to behave in a certain way towards it.

The beliefs we have stored in our higher mind dictate what how we think which in turn affect what we say and do.

Your collection of beliefs is the program that drives your life.

The problem is sometimes our beliefs are built on faulty and false information.

A very simple example is when you where a child you probably believed in the tooth fairy. There was no way for you the tooth fairy did not exist, after all when you placed a tooth under the pillow and woke to find a $100 bill in it’s place, that was all the evidence you needed. As a child the tooth fairy was a part of your belief system and your reality.

As you grew of course enough new evidence presented itself until those beliefs where replaced with new ones and now your reality is completely different.

And just so you don’t start building faulty beliefs about my childhood, which you may have already started to do, I woke up like most of us with one dollar under my pillow.

The point is if you really desire to create a chiseled muscled physic or you just want to drop 20 pounds and keep it off but are finding it hard to do, you have got to start identifying your underlying beliefs about the subject and change them if need be.

I love to workout, love to go to the gym, don’t ever diet in the classic perception of the term and believe it is easy to keep my body in good shape so you know what?

All of this is true for me.

The old saying goes “change your thoughts and change your life” but really it should say…

Identify and then change your self-defeating beliefs which filter your thoughts and change your life.

If you are looking for a secret formula that can set you on the path to having the body you’ve always dreamed of, you just discovered one.

You can search all day long on self-help sites that offer stuff like NLP, positive thinking, law of attraction and so on and in the end they all attempt to do one thing…

…effectively change your mental programming, the way you think about things.

The formula that follows assumes you have the DESIRE to change and the WILL to IDENTIFY and then CHANGE the underlying disempowering beliefs that are causing you to think, say and do that which is contrary to what you really desire like creating the body you’ve always wanted.

One way to identify dis-empowering beliefs is to consciously police your thoughts and when you find yourself expressing one, identify it and ask yourself “why do I think this way?”

For example…

“I just don’t have time to get into shape”.

So here is a belief that is preventing you from moving toward your fitness goals so now ask yourself why you think this way.

“I work all day and then there’s the kids, night school, Toastmasters and so on”.

Now SHATTER this belief by replacing it with reasons why it is false.

There are plenty of reasons why “I just don’t have time to get into shape” is a false belief here is just one…

You do not need to spend an hour in the gym to start toward getting into shape in fact you can and many people do incorporate a fitness lifestyle into their everyday busy lives.

1. It doesn’t take any extra time to choose to eat healthier every day, maybe by cutting out the sodas or the white flour products

2. It takes very, very little time to park at the back of the lot so you have to walk a little farther to the office or the store and burn some extra calories

3. It takes very little time to do 50 push-ups first thing in the morning

4. It takes very little time to get out of the elevator a few levels below your office and take the stairs the rest of the way

Do you see how easy it is once you identify a dis-empowering belief to tear it apart?

We can see here that the “I just don’t have time” belief is a false one and now that you have proved it to yourself, it’s time to replace it.

You replace the belief with a new one by using an affirmation.

I know, autosuggestion and affirmations have been around a long time but if you want to MAKE A CHANGE get an index card and put something like this on it…

“Every day I find more opportunities throughout my day to get in shape”

Say this every morning with passion twenty times and then carry the card with you throughout the day and every time you think of it, repeat the affirmation to yourself.

Guess what?

Your brain will look for reasons to justify what you believe and think about.

You will be amazed at how opportunities to work toward getting into shape start coming into your life.

Opportunities you would never see as long as that old negative belief was coloring your thoughts.

You can use this same exact process for any old belief you come across that is holding you back.

“I can never gain weight”

“I will always be heavy because mom and dad are fat, it’s in my genes”

“It is just to difficult to gain muscle”

“I’ve tried but it is no use”

“I just can’t get my abs to show through…”

All of these can be shattered and replaced with empowering beliefs just like the example above.

As long as you let these programs run unchecked, you will continue to receive exactly what you expect.

Remember that as long as you BELIEVE something to be true, you will always LOOK for and ONLY see reasons to reinforce your beliefs.

In summary to change your body, your health and/or your life, identify potential damaging beliefs you may have that are holding you back, expose them for the false prophets they truly are and then replace them with a new belief through an affirmation.

Thanks for your attention,