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Here you will find random research and some of my unedited writings associated with the InstructaBrief Telomere Timers.

Some Background

Up until the 1960’s science erroneously believed that the human cell was immortal.

Leonard Hayflick

That belief was challenged when a researcher by the name of Leonard Hayflick discovered that cells only divide about 50 times after which they die of old age. This finite cellular lifespan is known as the “Hayflick Limit.”

It was believed that there was some type of biological clock that controlled the lifespan of the cell and the answer eluded science until 1971 when a Russian scientist hypothesized that the shortening of telomeres, little protective ends on our DNA discovered in 1938, may be in fact the “countdown timers”  responsible for the Hayflick Limit.

Since then, ample research has shown that this is the case.

In 1984 researchers discovered an enzyme called telomerase that is capable of rebuilding telomeres and possibly extending the life of cells and ultimately, humans.

The frantic race was on to find a “magic bullet” in the form of a drug or nutraceutical that could activate telomerase in a way that could reverse aging.

Bottom line is that while some potent telomerase activators have been discovered and have been shown in limited studies to reverse the biological aging in humans to a degree, the breakthrough elixir of youth in a pill has yet to be found.

The good news is that after a few decades of research into this, it has been discovered that there are many things in the form of foods, nutrients and lifestyle factors that not only preserve telomeres but actually lengthen them.

While there is no wonder pill yet, there are several proven things you can do to slow down the biological timers that at least to some degree, cause us to age.

Telomere Timers is a project I’m working on to help me answer the question, what can I can do in my everyday life that would strengthen and lengthen my telomeres.

From my research, I believe that in fact having healthy telomeres is definitely one of the important pieces of the healthy aging puzzle. To what extent I believe that no one really knows yet but I definitely think it’s worth spending some time on.

The Secret of Aging Backwards

The Secret of Aging Backwards

Youth and all of the pleasures in life that go along with it is something that we take for granted until the day comes when we realize we no longer have it.

When we are young we don’t give a second thought to our ability to run, jump and play.

Or our endless desire to do so.

The endless options we have like doing chores around the house, taking strolls around the neighborhood, concentrating for hours at a time on a project, traveling to faraway places, running in the surf, snowboarding, biking, hiking, making love, dancing the night away and all the other activities that are seemingly effortless in our youth start to diminish as old age begins to set in.

At some point in life aches and pains start to become more noticeable, our vision isn’t as sharp and we have to turn the TV up in order to hear the dialogue because our ears have trouble picking up some of the higher frequencies.

Our energy starts to fade and we just don’t feel like doing the things that we used to do.

Old age is setting in.

Being and feeling youthful makes life much more pleasurable.

The search for the fountain of youth probably began as soon as humankind became aware of its own mortality.

As I write this in the year 2017 the so-called fountain of youth is still an elusive fantasy however recent advances in science combined with the esoteric wisdom of the ages is able to provide humanity the closest thing to it.

Today it is not only possible to slow the aging process but to some degree even reverse it.

You can be younger both mentally and physically six months from now then you are today.

Let’s take a moment to see how this can be true.

No two people age at exactly the same rate.

To understand this, we have to understand the types of age that apply to us in our physical world.

Chronological age – this is your age based on how many times the earth has spun on its axis and has orbited around the sun, with you on it.

It’s the age associated with your birth certificate and the one you cannot slow down or reverse.

Psychological age – This is how old you feel and how old you perceive yourself to be. Your psychological greatly influences your biological age and vice versa.

Your thoughts and feelings play a major role in determining your biological age which is why, and this is important to keep in mind, the mind matters.

Remember, it’s all connected. Body is the physical manifestation of your higher nonphysical self.

I understand this metaphysical aspect may be a little much for some of you reading this and if that’s the case, it’s okay.

The biological approach discussed in Telomere Timers is backed with ample scientific studies published by respected journals on discoveries made over the course of decades of research on the subject.

You can simply follow the suggestions on nutrients, diet and so on and increase your odds of getting the results you expect to get by doing so.

However, by accepting the widely held belief that you are in fact made of energy and are actually an energetic being having an earthly experience in your physical body, your results have the potential to accelerate dramatically.

You’ll approach and experience this journey to a younger you as a whole instead of just a part.

The younger your psychological age, the more vibrant and powerful your mind is.

Biological age – To determine this age, your physiological systems like immune, auditory, hormonal, visual, cardiovascular and so on are tested and then compared against the results of others.

Your numbers are matched with the known average values for all age groups with the result being your biological age.

The younger your biological age, the more youthful and powerful your body is.

Functional Age – This is the combination of your psychological age and your biological age and the one that we will strive to slow and even reverse.

The lower your functional age, the more powerful, vibrant and capable your body and mind are.

A 40 year old who leads healthy lifestyle and takes a proactive approach to their health for example by using the suggestions inTelomere Timers may have a functional age of an average 30 year old whereas a 30 year old who makes poor lifestyle choices may have a functional age of an average 40 year old.

This is why in middle age one identical twin may look much older than the other.

This is also why class reunions are full of people who don’t look the same age anymore. If you haven’t experienced this at one of your class reunions, go to the next one and you will.

If you are a 50 year old guy standing in a room with a group of 50 year old guys some of you might think, act, move and feel like 60 year olds while others might think, act, move and feel like 30 year olds.

That’s a 30 year span!

Understanding these types of aging and working to reduce your functional age is the secret to anti-aging.

Would you rather have the chronological age of 50 with a functional age of 70 or a chronological age of 70 with a functional age of 50?

Who’s closer to dying of “old age”? The 50-year-old is.

You make your biological and psychological age matter the most so your chronological age matters the least for as long as possible.

You can’t improve your chronological age but you can improve the other two.

Anti-aging isn’t about living forever it’s about staying functionally younger longer so you can laugh, play, love, dance and experience life, longer.

Taking actions to reduce your functional age increases the odds of you having a longer “health span.”

Your health span is the period in your life in which you are in good health and free of chronic disease and debilitating conditions. It’s the period of your life when you usually don’t think about your health because all systems are functioning optimally and life is great.

At some point in, for some more abruptly than others, we enter into the disease span era of our life.

For some this begins at an earlier age but on average we begin entering the disease span of life in our 50s and 60s.

Chronic exposure to the American Disease Machine gives rise to the odds that you will reach the disease span of your life sooner.

Once we begin to enter the disease span of life, living a full life becomes more of a challenge because we have to deal with one or more debilitating health conditions.

As we advance into the disease span these conditions become ever more consuming robbing us of the life we once had.

The goal of antiaging is to increase the health span of our life as long as possible while at the same time reducing or even eliminating the disease span.

I think few of us would really want a 110 year lifespan if we knew that we would be incapacitated in a nursing home for the last 20 or 30 years of it!

By doing the things that make us functionally younger we increase the odds of having a longer health span and a more active and fulfilling life.

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I’ll be adding some of the research I come across while I work on this project.

There is a lot of bad science in the world today and it’s not easy to discern it from the good. One small but I believe effective standard I use when looking at research is whether or not the conclusion could be the basis for financial windfall.

For example it’s been shown repeatedly that more often than not drug studies are, should we say, “skewed” in one direction or the other to favor an intended outcome needed to boost sales.

When you come across a study that suggests acting aggressively will raise your testosterone, it’s a little bit easier to trust since the researchers probably aren’t intending on selling something to make guys more aggressive to boost their testosterone.

See the difference?