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Testosterone Warrior

With few exceptions, testosterone levels worldwide in the average male, which probably includes you, are in sharp decline.

This trend is especially bad in the United States and is bad news for you because testosterone is one of your most important hormones.

Men with lower levels of testosterone have a higher chance of dying from all causes.

Testosterone WARRIOR confronts this urgent issue on two fronts.

First, you can’t have healthy testosterone levels with a sick endocrine system. Today there are upwards of 80,000 industrial chemicals in our environment, most of which have never been studied for safety, many of which are known to wreak absolute havoc on our hormones.

This is way worse than most realize. It’s not whether you’re contaminated, just a mater of how much. Learning to identify and avoid, as much as possible, testosterone harming toxins is the number one thing you can do for the health of your big “T.”

Second, to put it simply, the mind matters. Newtonian medicine gives little credence to the mind when it comes to health but the emerging science of epigenetics tells us this old school way of thinking needs to be put out to pasture.

Simply put, while we may be stuck with the DNA our parents gave us, it is possible to utilize your DNA at it’s full potential by epigenetic programming. If a signal, whether chemical or ENERGETIC, from outside the cell, enters the cell and causes genes to turn on or turn off then this signal is said to be epigenetic.

There are epigenetic signals that are pro-testosterone and other that are anti-testosterone.

The thoughts you think are powerful epigenetic signals.

Testosterone WARRIOR shows you ways to make your genetic expression, pro-testosterone.