You have an important decision to make.

The decision to commit to opening your mind and becoming aware of a reality that will lead you to the realization that we are all part of hugely successful social engineering mechanism that programs our beliefs so we behave in a way beneficial to the Machine.

Just like the Matrix movie, those contently attached to the Machine could hardly imagine that the life they experience at so many levels is merely an artificial construct of a well laid out plan set into place over 100 years ago.

The degree of how crazy this sounds to you is in direct proportion to how well your programming is running.

Your decision to disconnect from the Machine, or not, can have profound implications on your health and your life.

The American Disease Machine sells you disease causing products so it can sell you toxic medicine to “manage” your disease(s).

Learn how to disconnect from the Machine and guard your health.

You know deep down it exists, isn’t it time to open your eyes and face the truth?

Number Killed by the Machine Each Year


Chances You or a Loved One will be Affected by the Machine


Edward Bernays

During the first half of the last century big American corporations discovered the art of propaganda and the science of mind control of the masses.

They learned how make you buy things you don’t need and to want more of what you already have.

These mind control techniques laid the foundation for what would go on to become the greatest economy the world has ever seen and create the perfect buying machine of all time, the mighty American consumer.

As fate would have it, that time was also the dawn of the chemical age.

Today there are well over 80,000 synthetic chemicals in our environment many of which are creeping into the foods we eat and the products that we buy, most of which have never been tested for human safety.

We are bathing in chemicals.

They are in the foods and drinks we consume, floating in the air that we breathe and in the personal care products that absorb through our skin.

Not all chemicals are a problem, after all without them there would no life anywhere. The problem is certain man made chemicals that have been introduced into the environment over the last 100 years are wreaking havoc on our health.

Unfortunately  many of the chemical-containing things that are the most harmful to our health are also the most profitable which is why the Machine employs the best propagandists and spin doctors that work full time keeping you, the consumer, confident and buying their poisoned products without question.

We live in a country driven by toxic chemical products whose “healthcare” system is based in toxic petrol-chemical drugs.

It is intentionally designed to be this way, the Machine is designed to profit through sickness not to promote health.

The American Disease Machine mass markets consumer products that will eventually make you sick thus ensuring a market for its even more profitable medical and pharmaceutical products.

Unless you open your eyes and see how it is all around, you will be a customer from your first breath until your last.

It will be difficult to see how the Machine operates when you first try because we are continually programmed not to see it. Because of this it is able to hide in plain sight, filtering into and influencing every aspect of our seemingly normal lives.

Think of the American Disease Machine as a metaphor for “business as usual” for Big Chemical, Big Agriculture, Big Food, Big Medicine which includes Big Pharma, Big Government and numerous supporting industries.

Business as usual for the American Disease Machine is extremely bad for your health.NewsweekLogo-1 [Converted]

The American Disease Machine influences academia, corrupts science, buys favorable policy in Washington D.C. and continually spreads false information through  the mainstream media channels it owns in an effort to keep you buying disease causing products and remain faithful to a narrow minded system of medicine that was intentionally designed not to heal you but rather manage your disease while your health deteriorates ensuring the most profit for the machine.

Make a commitment now to discover how the Machine operates.

Stop being the typical American who is more concerned with sports scores, deflated footballs, Hollywood and Kim Kardashian then they are about what has and is happening to the food and healthcare systems in America.

Most people have no idea they are being entertained to death.

Entertainment distracts us from the important issues in life, it’s one of the primary tools used by the Machine to keep you connected to it and keep you clueless.

Start paying attention to how many overweight and sickly looking people are everywhere that you look. This is a result of the policies and products of the American Disease Machine.

How many of your friends and family members take two, four or even ten prescription drugs every day just to stay “well?”

Do you really think the skyrocketing rates of all diseases like heart disease, cancer, autism and diabetes is normal? We have spent BILLIONS to find a cure for things like cancer and diabetes and yet according to Disease Machine Medicine, there is still no cure.

Why do you think this is?

Oh sure, the cure is “just around the corner,” a corner we never seem to be able to turn.

Friends there is a reason America’s health continues to decline and obesity and disease are on the rise, just one reason and it’s called the American Disease Machine.

Ad_for_'Vitamin_Donut'_(FDA_168)_(8212305596)Open your eyes to see how the Machine profits from the sickness of you and your loved ones.

Anyone who disputes that this phenomenon exists as described here has not researched the issue or has a financial interest in and is a part of the Machine.

The people at the helm of the Machine are not your friends, they do not care if their products make you sick, they do not care if you spend your life popping handfuls of pills and they do not care if you spend your last dime on “approved” medical treatments for your disease.

To them you are a unit.

You are a profit center for the Machine until the day you die.

Resist and break free of the machine by depriving it of the raw material it needs to thrive, your body and mind.

If you’re thinking that this website is about avoiding toxins and doing cleanses you’ve missed the point.

The Machine is able to exist because it is a master at influencing the way you think, whether you believe it or not.

Kahunka is about helping you to wake up and see this so you can choose whether to live your life outside of the Machine, or inside of it.

Programming large populations of humans is quite easy for those that have been working hard for decades to perfect it.

BONDINGLet’s take a peek at how it works.

While we could go further back, we’ll start at birth.

From the moment you first opened your eyes, the sensations of life as you experienced it became imprinted in energetic holograms within vast regions of your mind.

These “recordings” are built with input from our senses, what we see, what we hear, the way something feels when touched,  how it smells as well as the emotion we felt at the time.

We constantly refer to and use recorded images as evidence to justify what we think, what we do and what we feel about everything we experience in life.

Right now you are instantaneously searching the images in your mind looking for the answer as to how you should feel this very moment about the words you are reading here.

What you find will tell you how to feel, what to think and what to do.

You can’t make a conscious observation about something without referring to the images in your mind for guidance.

These images become the programs that run our lives and the lens through which we view the world.

They are the reason you think the way you do and take the actions that you take.

Here’s the point of all this.

The programming of humans is an age old art that was refined to a science about 100 years ago and has been used by the power elite to influence the citizenry for their benefit every since.

This exists all over the world however the land of the free is the largest mind control experiment of all.

The intentional yet subtle and constant deployment of well-placed images throughout one’s lifetime is part of a well thought out plan designed to shape the model citizen.

fat-dumb-and-ugly-the-decline-of-the-average-AmericanThe perfect non-questioning consuming machine.

Those that do this have been doing it a long time and they are very good at it.

There’s a saying that goes something like “those most hopelessly enslaved are the ones who falsely believe that they are free.”

You can start by revisiting some of the images in your mind and questioning how they got there. This is not easy but here’s the thing, freedom isn’t free, it takes work.

Unless you have been working to counter it, your health and your life are in a state created by other people’s programs.

I don’t believe we will ever break free of the machine that we can certainly learn to coexist beside it instead of inside it.

We move to the outside by constantly questioning, comparing the answers with the images that we hold of them, if any, and then forming new images as needed.

When you change what something means to you by changing the image it represents, you start to change your reality.

Remember real health is the truest form of wealth.

Don’t let the Machine rob yours to enrich it’s bottom line. Learn what the Machine is and how to avoid it’s products.

Stop believing the lies.

Wake up and choose good health.