The Brain Drain Principle

Clear your head for more energy and mental clarity

By Kahunka

We are all energy, in fact energy is all that there is. Once you really understand this everything about everyday life is much easier to understand.

Here’s one example.

Do you always have a bunch of “stuff” you need to get done much of which you never do?

If you are trying to keep track of all of these uncompleted things in your head, it is probably draining energy from you.


Not only are thoughts things but they are also energy.

When you think of something that needs to be done, say like “I need to change the oil in the car,” you create a “thing” that requires a little bit of your energy to “keep alive.”

Once that thought is created, even if your conscience forgets about it, this internal commitment you’ve made with yourself is still alive inside your subconscious taking a little bit of your energy to keep going.

You know it needs to be done, but until it is, it will be “there” waiting to be completed and “closed out.”

It’s like an open case that needs to be closed and keeping it open takes a little bit of energy.

What happens is that we often have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of these uncompleted “to-do” thoughts in our mental RAM ( like computer RAM ) that are each taking a little bit of our energy.

Our RAM becomes overloaded and we get overwhelmed and throw our hands up not knowing where to start.

You KNOW you have all this “stuff” to do but can’t remember what all of it is.

The usual symptoms are:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Unproductively
  • Fatigue
  • Aging
  • Ill Health

Here’s what you do.

I call it the Brain Drain Sheet.

Sit down for as long as it takes and write every single UNCOMPLETED thing down that may be taking some of your mental energy.

Even if it does not seem important right now when you think about it, write it down because if it “came up,” it is an open case still and it’s taking a little energy from you!!

Write it ALL down…

  • Get cat food
  • Make doctors appointment
  • Pay the gas bill
  • Buy Fred his Tums
  • Paint the house
  • Go you the gym
  • Go see grandma

and so on…

This is not a “to-do” list but rather a list that you pour everything out onto even things that have just “been on your mind lately.”

Once again, this is not a to-do list.


Because once you dump everything you can out of your head and reevaluate each one, chances are you will discover there is stuff you no longer need or want to do!

You can close those files immediately!

I use a simple yellow legal pad for my Brain Drain list but you can use your iPad, Blackberry, iPhone or whatever.

Every time I think of something that may need my attention at a later time, I put it there. Now I know where all my stuff is so I can free up my mental energy for creative stuff like working on Kahunka.

Keep this list handy and every time you think of something you need to do, write it down.

Once you have your Brain Drain List, you can evaluate each item and transfer it to an appropriate to-do list for further action or immediate closure.

The important thing is, if your brain BELIEVES that this list is a safe place to store those items and that you will refer to the list, it will release the energy associated with the items and you will feel a load lift off your shoulders.

Thanks for your attention,