The Disease Makers

The American Disease Machine has two main parts. The disease management cog which can be loosely defined as the offspring of what was originally the Rockefeller Drug Trust.

Rooted into American society throughout the first half of the 20th century, it is a way of medicine that has become untouchable dogma for the American Disease Machine.

And then there’s the disease creation cog.

The consumer products division of the Disease Machine.

The disease merchants.

Those whose product or service contribute some way in increasing the risk of disease and ill health in the consumer.

There are three main categories of disease promoters, biological, energetic and psychological, all of which affect you as a whole to some degree.


The biological disease promoters start with much of the worldwide chemical industry as a whole and then fans out to the food companies and all consumer product manufacturers that knowingly use chemicals in their products known to be dangerous or chemicals whose safety in humans is not known.

This is the biggest department in this cog of the Machine and probably the most destructive one for our health.


Disease promotion through energetic means can be found in that which sends and/or receives waves of all lengths, frequencies and intensities that penetrate and interact with us in a negative way. Cell phone towers, smart meters and wi-fi are examples of this but the list of sources here is long.


Psychological disease triggers come from control mechanisms that cause stress and fear. This disease creation tool is mostly used  by the American Disease Machine Compliance Department which consist of the Ministry of Science and scattered bureaucrats embedded into all levels of government who have interest in preserving the status quo and stock prices in companies on the disease management side of the Machine like the pharmaceuticals.

Examples of this can be seen when the CDC hypes epidemics like the yearly flu, mumps and other infectious diseases to boost vaccine sales.

Just like the disease management side of the machine, this side is also operated by many of the very same people who are supposed to be policing it.

Of course not everybody on this side of the machine is evil trying to make you sick but unfortunately there are a few bad apples and combine that with lax regulations and loopholes galore designed to boost corporate earnings at the expense of consumer safety, you get a dangerous environment by design.

One that exists whether we believe it or not.

Remember denial does not change reality, just our ability to see and deal with it.

So how do you escape the disease merchants of the American Disease Machine?

By identifying and then refusing to consume their products and services.

And I don’t mean you should just go and stop buying cigarettes, margarine or other obviously unhealthy stuff because you know these things are bad for you, it goes much deeper than that.

Remember everything is compartmentalized and the narrative is tightly managed.

The number of contaminants that creep into our everyday life and erode our health is truly staggering. Most of us really have no idea how bad it is.

That’s what this section on Kahunka is for.

Trying to go into detail and create a picture of all the entities involved in the section of the machine would consume all my time for a long time so instead I’m going to post links below to relevant stories I come across that will hopefully assist in painting a picture of how this side operates.

Remember that my concept of the American Disease Machine is just one way to look at something that is routinely described in many different ways including the official one as in, “go ahead and drink the water, it’s okay.”

Once you do your own research and you start to connect the two sides and see how the first very lucrative side creates a secure, booming market for the second, you’ll start to see it all around you.

And you’ll be amazed you never saw it clearly before.

It’s not a negative thing, it’s a needed thing if you are serious about maintaining good health.

Seeing how we are systematically poisoned throughout life is peeling back just one layer of many in a system of deceit and control most will be chained to their whole lives.

Let’s get to it :o)