The Mind Body Connection

Your thoughts have a powerful effect on your body…

…In fact your body hears every word you say!

What are saying to yourself?

If you:

1. are sick and tired all the time

2. cannot loose weight permanently

3. cannot grow muscle or gain weight

4. are depressed frequently

5. have a hard time socially

Then you really need to start monitoring HOW YOU TALK TO YOURSELF.

You are energy so it just makes sense that all physiological changes begin on the energetic level.

If you want to change your body, your thoughts have to precede that change!

One of the most powerful ways to transform your body is to adopt the THOUGHTS of a person with a body similar to the one you would like to have.

The way they THINK about diet

The way they THINK about exercise

The way they THINK about themselves

The Way they THINK about health and fitness in general

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me” is one of the most untrue sayings of all time!

Not only are words harmful but they just might be responsible for your poor health!!

When you “think” of a word like “sickness,” your mind doesn’t see the letters S-I-C-K-N-E-S-S but rather certain pictures and feelings that represent what the word “sickness” means to you.

In your mind words are not the letters you are reading here, they are represented as pictures or symbols that create emotions within you based on what those pictures or symbols “mean” to you.

More specifically everything that goes on in your head is represented and processed as varying forms of energetic vibrations.

“Our brain primarily talks to itself and to the rest of the body not with words or images, or even bits of chemical impulses, but in a language of wave interference: the language of phase, amplitude and frequency – the ‘spectral domain’. – Neurosurgeon Karl Pribram taken from The Field by Lynn McTaggert

Every word you say to yourself has a meaning that you have attached to it represented by pictures and emotions which are just forms of energy.

As you “think” or talk to yourself, your mind is defining these words almost simultaneously.

Your brain is the gateway between the thought-originating mind that originates from the non-physical you and your body.

Because we BELIEVE that the words we think and say to be TRUTH, our minds are continually working to find evidence to reinforce our beliefs.

The mind generates thoughts which are processed in your brain that in turn produces a physical equivalent such as a hormone or electrical impulses in your nervous system that ultimately causes action and change within your body.

“The Body and mind are so closely connected that not even a single word or thought can come into existence without being reflected in the personality and health of the individual.” – John Prentiss

Not only this, but because thoughts are energy and the Law of attraction states that energy attracts like energy, you will start to draw more of the same type of energy to you that will confirm what you are thinking.

When you sneeze and then say “I must be getting sick,” your mind is defining that thought and LOOKING for reasons it must be true and influencing the brain to create physical conditions to validate the truth!

Let’s check out some other self defeating thoughts:

* Muscle gains come hard for me

* I’ll never have a body like his

* I’ll never loose weight

* I’m tired

* I’m going to be bald by the time I’m forty

* I have bad genes

* I’m just not cut out to do this

Guess what?

Your body believes every word you say!!

“We know that thoughts generated in the brain activate hormone secretions and stimulate other nerve centers within the body. Thoughts, coded as neural impulses, travel along nerve axons, activating muscles and glands similar to the manner in which telephone messages travel over wires in the form of electrical signals. Experiments with GSR, a biofeedback instrument, attached to fingers or toes clearly demonstrate that mental activity clearly reaches into the extremities of the body.”

“With sensitive EMG instruments, we can show that muscles are activated when we think about anything involving action or emotion, even though there may be no visible movement. Although we do not know how thoughts are generated in the brain, it seems clear that once present, thoughts are amplified by the brain and turned into actions. Every thought we think influences millions of atoms, molecules and cells throughout the body. Besides this straightforward effect on the physical body, we know from general principles of physics that any acceleration of electrons produces some electromagnetic radiation.” – Physicist and psychologist Burl Payne, Ph.D. – Taken from the excellent book Your Body Believes Every Word You Say by Barbara Hoberman Levine.

Mind doesn’t dominate body; it becomes body. Body and mind are one. I see the process of communication we have demonstrated, the flow of information throughout the whole organism, as evidence that the body is the actual outward manifestation, in physical space of the mind. Bodymind. At this molecular level there really was no distinction between the mind and the body. -Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert

“Every change in the physiological state is accompanied by an appropriate change in the mental emotional state, conscious or unconscious, and conversely, every change in the mental emotional state, conscious or unconscious, is accompanied by an appropriate change in the physiological state” – Candice Pert, Ph. D. – Molecules of Emotion p. 137

How thoughts affect physiology.

“It is well known by scientists that when a person has a thought, a chemical presence or reaction occurs, and neuropeptides, the chemical correlates of thought, become detectable. Neuropeptides not only are present in the brain but can also be found throughout the body, including the stomach, kidneys and liver. Thus a thought has a real embodied physical presence.” – Fred Gallo, Ph.D and Harry Vincenzi, Ed.D – Energy Tappings –

It will be very hard to become thin if you keep thinking fat. It will be very hard to grow muscle when you believe that you have a hard time doing so.

Sickness and disease in the physical body caused by thoughts and emotions are known as psychosomatic illnesses.

You have got to get rid of the self-defeating self-talk as soon as possible. There are many reasons why you think the way you do but the most important thing to realize is that your thoughts ( which result in your self-talk) form your reality.

If you are fat, stop thinking like a fat person.

As long as you are thinking like a fat person you will never be thin!! All change originates with thought. If you want to be healthy, think like healthy people, do things healthy people do and most importantly ACT like a healthy person does. If you want a totally ripped and buffed body you have got to start thinking exactly like people with ripped buffed bodies think!

If you are sick all the time, stop thinking about sickness all the time.

Start telling yourself that you are healthy and never get sick. Even if you are sick, look for reasons why you are getting well. Your mind and your brain will work together to find reasons to justify your thoughts.

Play the part until it becomes a part of you.

I always tell myself that I never get sick and guess what? I never get sick or at least very, very seldom and never anything serious.

In conclusion the point I want to make is that often we do not realize that little ordinary negative thoughts we have throughout the day have the power to create substantial changes within our bodies.

One of the most important steps toward optimal health and fitness is to be aware of your thoughts and your self talk. Negative words and negative thoughts wreak havoc on your body and will age you at a greatly accelerated rate.

Continually use thoughts like

1. I feel great

2. I feel healthy

3. My body is becoming leaner and stronger

4. I find it easy to eat the right foods

5. Your thoughts and your words are a direct reflection of your beliefs. Make it a point to catch yourself thinking disempowering thoughts and replace them with their opposite.

6. If you want to have the body of a fitness model start thinking thoughts about yourself you imagine fitness models would think about their selves.

7. I love eating right

8. I love working out

9. I am healthy and have a ton of energy

10. I have a fit body

and so on.

In the beginning this will take effort. But from day one your brain will start looking for reasons to justify these new thoughts and the law of attraction will kick in and soon you will start finding enough reasons to solidify those thoughts into beliefs.

Once this happens you will have become what you thought about.

This is a basic law of life. What we think about today becomes what we will be tomorrow.

Thanks for your attention,