The Most Powerful Health Secret Ever

Your body is the physical manifestation of your mind…as above, so below.

The expectations you hold about how your life should be may just be the single most powerful tool you have at your disposal for creating a long life of health and well being.

Your expectations and the beliefs that fuel them cause you to think, say and do things that in turn create the life you live which of course includes your state of health.

Take a good look at yourself. What you see in part is the sum of all the thoughts, decisions and actions you have produced since you could do any of these things.

Simply put, your body is the physical manifestation, the effect, of your mind, cause. Beliefs which are simply repetitive and practiced thoughts originate in cause and affect effect.

Your beliefs and resulting expectations lay the groundwork for your attitudes about absolutely every subject and your attitude toward something will determine how you feel about and react to it.

Why is this so important?

Let’s check it out as it relates to health and fitness.

  • Your attitude toward exercise will determine if you do it, or not
  • Your attitude toward eating healthy will determine whether you do that and to what degree, or not.
  • Your attitude toward your body will ensure that think say and do things that continually support the attitude.

The absolute most fundamental place to begin or continue your journey toward optimal health and well being is with your attitudes and the underlying beliefs that inspire them.

How do you feel about your body? Are you overweight? Are you skinny? Are you sick all the time? Are you destined to be “just like your parents” because of your genes?

What about exercise, do you like it or despise it?

What is your attitude toward food? Do you eat when you are nervous? Do you eat too much?

Do you expect to live a long healthy life? Are you a hard gainer? You believe in “silver bullet” solutions?

Every answer to every question above is spawned by your beliefs about the subject.

By uncovering your beliefs about something, you are looking at the programming that is telling you how you should feel about the thing which creates your attitude in turn influencing your behavior toward it.

If you believe that obesity and or Leukoderma is a hereditary problem and you could never achieve a normal weight then you could buy all the diet books and exercise programs on the Internet and it would not change a thing long term because your underlying beliefs will sabotage you every time without you even knowing it!

Believing in and then expecting something to be a certain way is very powerful and can work for you or against you depending on your beliefs.

Why is this?

Your beliefs create your unique perception of the world, your reality. This includes your self concept or your self image.

You see it when you believe it, not the other way around.

When you believe, expect and ultimately perceive that something will be a certain way, your mind constantly searches for reasons to back up this perception and reinforce it keeping the picture you hold of life bright and clear.

This is also how the Law of Attraction comes into play; you attract what you think about most.

If you believe and have the attitude that you are frail and in poor health then your mind will constantly be looking for and attracting reasons that reinforce this reality.Please check out Cadrian Solaris for more info.This is an important concept to understand because it is a universal law that is inescapable!

The thing here to remember is that signs to reinforce health and wellness are everywhere waiting to attract into your experience, all you have to do is allow them by changing your attitude which involves uncovering and changing your dis empowering beliefs about your health and wellness.

If you expect good health and look for reasons why you have it, signs will appear.

If you expect to get well, your mind will look for and start finding reasons this is true.

If you expect that you can obtain the body you desire, you will start finding reasons to reinforce this expectation as well!

The signs may be small at first but this is OK. Build on them and soon they will fill your experience.

Whatever direction you want to go, if you believe and expect that you can get there, you will eventually.

So the all time most powerful secret for good health and well being is to become aware of the fact that your beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and expectations about how healthy you are, what your weight should be like in venus factor reviews, how long you will live and so on all play a very, very important role in the actual unfolding of your life.

Thanks for your attention,