The Secret Language of The Universe

The Secret Language of The Universe

By Kahunka

Discover the Language of the Universe and why you should constantly try to raise your vibration.

Everything is some type of energy and everything vibrates at some frequency.

“During the the early part of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein came to the startling conclusion that matter and energy were actually inter convertible and interchangeable.

His famous E = mc² mathematically demonstrated how matter and energy were interrelated. At the time Einstein came up with this conclusion, few scientists could entirely understand the magnitude. But it was this very realization of matters interconvertability into energy that lead to the development of the first atomic bomb, in which a few grams of uranium were converted directly into energy, proving Einstein’s theory in a most unforgettable demonstration.

With the example of the atomic bomb, more scientists came to believe in Einstein’s assertion that matter and energy were two expressions of the same thing. In a variety of experiments in particle physics, in which scientists hurl speeding subatomic particles at targets in atom smashers to study the tiny fragments making up the structure of matter, additional evidence has been gathered confirming that all matter is really a frozen form of energy.” – Richard Gerber, M.D. – A Practical Guide To Vibrational Medicine

You and I are a vast collection of quantum energy oscillating at different frequencies on many different levels exchanging energy and information with the sub atomic world around us.

“The visible world is the invisible organization of energy.” Physicist Heinz Pagels

Our molecules, DNA and cells all dance and vibrate to their own tune, so to “speak.”

Your five senses are highly specialized sensors that translate the vibratory world into the congealed physical world as you know it.

* Your eyes translate vibrations into the world you see.

* Your ears translate vibrations into that which you hear.

* Your nose into what you smell and so on.

Not only is everything and everyone energy, but we are all connected together by the granddaddy of quantum fields, the zero point field.

“Today the vacuum [of space] is not regarded as empty…It is a sea of dynamic energy…like the spray of foam near a turbulent waterfall.” – Dr Harold Puthoff, Physicist

In other words, right now if you were small enough, you could surf right on over to me on a sea of quantum energy waves.

We are connected in this way to everyone and everything else in the universe.

The quantum universe is a sea of subatomic activity that is perpetuated by the constant exchange of energy.

The universe is vibrating.

This quantum energy that makes and flows through us has some pretty amazing characteristics.

Quantum waves are encoded with information…

“One of the most important aspects of waves is that they are encoders and carriers of information. When two waves are in phase, and overlap each other — technically called ‘interference’ — the combined amplitude of the waves is greater than each individual amplitude. The signal get stronger.

This amounts to an imprinting or exchange of information, called ‘constructive interference.’ If one is peaking and the other troughing, they tend to cancel each other out – a process called ‘destructive interference.’

Once they’ve collided each wave contains information, in the form of energy, about the other, including all the other information it contains.

Interference patterns amount to a constant accumulation of information, and wave have a virtually infinite capacity for storage.”Lynne McTaggert – The Field – The Quest For The Secret Force Of The Universe.

You and I are walking receivers and transmitters of intelligent quantum energy waves that flow freely across a universal “communication” network known as the zero point field.

Another amazing aspect about the vibrating energy that make up you and I is something known as “nonlocality.” Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance” and what it basically means is that subatomic particles once in contact, after being separated, can influence and communicate with each other simultaneously regardless of the distance.

All this may help explain:

* Why you tend to “click” with some people immediately and not others.

* Why you feel comfortable around some and not others.

* Why you feel a heightened sense of energy around large crowds

* Why you think of someone and they call you out of the blue shortly thereafter

* First impressions

* Answers to complicated questions all of the sudden appear out of nowhere

* Why a mother wakes up in fear at night when her child is in an accident

* Why certain places “feel” a certain way

* Paranormal activity

Have you ever looked over at someone while passing them in a car and they immediately looked back as if they could “feel” you looking at them?

We are all vibrational transmitters and receivers constantly exchanging “vibes” with the vibratory world around us.

If you can accept this then consider that the quality of your life experience may be directly influenced by:

Your ability to interpret the vibratory world in which we live

How well you are able to express yourself to others in it.

The degree at which you are able to keep your vibratory state at heightened levels.

“You were born with sensitive, evolved, sophisticated translators of vibration that you understand and define your experience. And in the same way you utilize your five physical senses to interpret your physical life experiences, you were born with other sensors – your emotions – which are further vibrational interpreters that help you understand, in the moment, the experiences that you are living.” – Abraham though Esther Hicks – Ask and it is Given.

How you feel emotionally could be said to directly reflect your current vibratory state.

Vibratory states in the higher frequency ranges are associated with emotions of love, joy, contentment and so on while a vibratory state in the lower ranges can be associated with anger, discontentment and depression. The remaining emotions fall somewhere in the middle.

When you experience emotions on the higher scale it is an indication that you are in alignment with your source energy, ( soul, spirit, observer, higher self, etc.) your chakras are humming and energy is flowing freely through your energy meridians.

Life is good in this state and you send out good “vibes.”

And what happens?

The waves you send out start resonating with like waves producing interference and like magic you start noticing “reasons” that support your good feelings and opportunities that would not have been realized at lower vibratory states.

This is the law of attraction (aka the Secret) at its finest!

The exact opposite is also true.

When you experience emotions on the lower scale it is an indication that you are out of alignment with your source energy and blocks and/or disruptions may occur throughout your energy systems.

The waves you send out start resonating with like waves producing interference and like magic you start noticing “reasons” that support your bad feelings and at this point you are either to tired or to close minded to notice anything good about life because of the low frequency events you keep attracting into it.

Please understand all of this is my very simplistic interpretation of a series of very complex processes.

But hopefully you get the point of this article and it is this…

Everything is simply energy. Whether in a congealed state like our physical body or the subtle energies that make up our auric field, humans are vibratory beings that are constantly sending out and receiving waves of intelligent energy over a universal network of quantum energy fields.

While our five physical senses interpret and allow us to experience the physical world, our emotions are sensors that interpret our current vibratory state, our “energy-health” if you will.

Good emotions occur at a higher vibratory frequency.

Bad emotions occur at a lower vibratory frequency.

People who live in and transmit from a higher vibratory state receive (attract) events into their life with similar “waves” through interference and the law of attraction.

So it makes sense that you would want to live in a heightened vibratory state.


To feel good and have a good life.

When you feel good emotionally:

* Life is easier

* You feel more attractive, so you are.

* You don’t have to force yourself to workout or work on your financial goals.

* Life is fun

* It is easier to meet people and make friends

* Your health improves

* Opportunities come your way

* Work does not feel like work

* School becomes fascinating and you absorb information more easily = better grades

* You achieve your goals in stride

* You are more creative

Should I go on?

I think you get the point.

Stick around Kahunka and I’ll shows ways you can raise your vibratory state.