The Secret of Time

As I was sitting on Fort Lauderdale beach (2006) thinking about the past year and what I had accomplished during that time, I looked out to the horizon at a freighter that was waiting in line with several other ships for the tug that would eventually escort her into Port Everglades.

I thought about the crew on that ship and how slow TIME must pass for them at sea while I on the other hand I felt like TIME was flying by that day and I wish I had more of it.

What is this crazy thing time and can it really speed up and slow down?

Then I started thinking about this one commodity we are all given an equal amount of each day and while some of us are able to convert this mysterious resource into an amazing life, others continue to be enslaved by it.

What is time?

As our consciousness awakes to pre-existing events spread out over the space-time continuum, we experience what we know as time.

Imagine time as a football field on which every event in the past and every event in the future exists simultaneously.

Now image you are on this field walking from one end to the other experiencing events in successive order as you cross each yard line.

As your consciousness awakes and experiences these events on the field, you experience time. The degree you are “awake” to these events dictates your “experience” of time and your degree of consciousness.

It is said your “internal time” sets the stage for how you see time externally.

Your feelings, thoughts and attitudes toward your life and events in it can make time go faster or slower.

I experienced this recently in the reception area of my dentist office as I waited to get my teeth cleaned. Time seemed to drag by.

On the other hand New Years Eve when we where out partying with friends and having fun playing with the the go-go dancers, time flew by for all of us and before we knew it we had journeyed past another point on the field of time and the new year was here.

Out of everything I’ve learned about time, how to “manage” it, set goals or make resolutions to accomplish something within a block of it, the most important thing I’ve discovered is this…

The time of NOW is the only time that we are awake to and the only time that we have total control over.

The moment of NOW is all there is and all there ever will be. Ten minutes from now, will be now. Two days, ten years from now will be now.

Now is the most valuable tool we possess but yet if you’re like me we often spend so much time in the past thinking about things we cannot change or in the future that has not come yet.

It is great to dream about the future but often we spend so much time there we fail to understand that it is the the moment of now and what we do with this time that creates our future.

My only new years resolution is to commit to make each moment of now the best and most productive I can.

The present moment of now is really a present you have sent to yourself created by thoughts, words, actions and beliefs you held in prior moments of now.

The wonderful opportunities that await us in the future are waiting to be discovered in the present, right now.

All we have to do is learn to appreciate the now and see this time for what it is, the key with the potential to unlock everything we’ve ever desired.

Make a commitment with me to be more awake to the moment of now.

Remember that you are creating the now of tomorrow, today.

May all of your “nows” in the coming year be filled with joy, peace, good health and prosperity.

In the now,