The Secret to Making Fitness Fun

One secret for transforming your body and health is to truly enjoy performing the actions needed to do just that.

Kahunka on the beach

Here I am one morning after a run on the beach

If you dread exercise as much as I do listening to politicians argue over health care, chances are you won’t do it too much.

People always ask me how I stay in shape and the answer is always that I enjoy it and have fun doing the things that keep me fit.

Staying fit is not something that I force myself to do which means I always “find” time to do it.

If you don’t enjoy exercising and doing other thing that keep you fit and healthy you will always find time for everything else, stuff you enjoy. Things that are fun for you.

Books are written on methods designed to help you change the way you feel about something but sometimes the simplest seed planted into a fertile mind is all that’s needed to kick start the growth of a new habit and ultimately a new way of living.

Try this.

Learn to make fitness fun.

All you need to do now to start losing weight ( if that is your goal) is to start adding some type of activity into your life that you are not currently doing which will result in a calorie deficit which translates into weight loss.

Initially you don’t even need to change your diet just increase your activity level by finding something fun to do.

Do something you enjoy because if you enjoy it, you’ll have a higher chance of sticking with it.

If the thought of going to a smelly gym in not appealing, then don’t do it.

Dislike running? Forget it then!

There is no fitness law that states you have to join an aerobics class to get fit, or any other class for that matter.

The secret, if you desire to start getting into shape but are having a hard time getting started, is to start doing ANYTHING that is fun for you.

  • Climb trees
  • Bounce on a trampolines
  • Swim
  • Dance to rock music
  • Dance to dance music
  • Dance to country music
  • Dance to your own music
  • Power walk
  • Wrestle with the guy next door
  • Wrestle with the girl next door
  • Surf
  • Play tennis
  • Wash your car
  • Pull weeds
  • Plant weeds
  • Walk on the beach
  • Ride your bike
  • Practice palates

…and a thousand and fifty two other things I could think of.

Are you a couch potato that loves video games?

Get a Wii!

Seriously, a Wii is an incredibly fun and effective way to get into shape.

Fitness can be fun the trick is to think of what you love to do and find a way to burn extra calories by doing more of it.

Thanks for your attention,