Understanding the Ups and Downs in Life

By Mike Kahunka

There I was jamming through life feeling good and having a great time.

I’m sure you can relate.

Things just go your way, business is great, the sky is blue and all the lights are green as you cruise through life feeling on top of the world.

Then it happens.

Out of nowhere the wrecking ball of reality crashes into your castle sending you plummeting back down to earth hitting the ground with a deafening thud.

Why does this always happen to me? ….and just when I’m thinking life sucks and I generally feel like crud wanting to scream at the top of my lungs or cuss out the rude driver in front of me, the beauty of Metaphysics comes into play.

All it takes is one single thought to interrupt any dis empowering feelings and/or thoughts you may have to put the good times back on track again.

We’ve all heard the old sayings like “things always get better” and “life just has its ups and downs” but how true are those adages? To what degree, if any, can we rely on this wisdom?

To understand what I am about to explain you have to accept the fact that everything at the most fundamental level is energy including you and I.

Because of this we are subject without exception to the most fundamental laws that govern the Universe. Laws that govern energy, laws that govern our lives.

Next time you’re having a bad day, consider what powerful forces may be playing a part in it and take comfort in knowing that things really are going to get better.

Here are a few of those laws we just can’t escape and need to learn to live with…

The Law of Relativity in a nutshell says that we only know one thing by our ability to compare it to something else.

We have bad days because if we didn’t, how would we even know what a good day was? If you knew no bad days, it would be impossible to know what a good day was. We need the bad days to remind us how those good days feel.

To know joy is to know sadness

To know happiness is to know anger and sorrow

To know confidence is to know what being unconfident feels like.

The Law of Polarity – This law basically says that for a thing to even exist, so must its opposite. In fact, there is really no separate “this” and “that” rather varying degrees of the very same thing.

So, in other words wherever you are that may not feel good at the moment, understand that the exact opposite of that place is much closer than you may think.

Often that place is as close as a smile away.

The Law of Rhythm – Life is really all about change, a cosmic energy dance that starts at the most minute levels and repeats over and over again up to the incredibly huge celestial cycles and on and on.

You can see these cycles all around, the seasons, tides, financial markets and in our moods.

There is no escaping it.

Things go good for awhile and then not so good.

Good days and bad that is just the way it is, all simply a part of the cosmic laws that affects us all.

This means thank goodness that if times are bad, good things are on the way.

Here’s the secret if you want to experience more good days than bad.

Have gratitude for the good days you experience and when the storm clouds start to roll in, remember these laws, take a deep breath and smile knowing that we need the rain to make things more beautiful when the sun comes back out and take comfort in knowing that from the beginning of life on earth the clouds always part eventually and the sun comes back out to brighten the day.

It’s the law.

Thanks for your attention,