Understanding Your Energy Body

By Kahunka

You are not just an organic sack full of bones and organs.

Understanding the nature of your energy body may be even more important than understanding anti-oxidants, nutrition and other types of anti-aging and health protocols

You are energy, in fact energy is all there is.

Understanding that you are an energetic being first and foremost is the most important step you can take in your journey toward optimal health and fitness.

“Energy is the building block of all matter. The same energy that composes your flesh is the same one that composes the bricks of your house and the trees outside. There is no ‘energy of the tree’ and ‘energy of the man’.

It is all the same energy. Energy is constantly at flow, changing form all the time.

This is a very simple explanation of a rather complex thing. At the quantum level, it all looks like one large pool of energy ‘soup’, an ocean of energy, one that is always flowing , one that has different concentrations and essences at various points. Imagine an ocean with a warm spot, a turbulent spot, and so on. (The ocean represents the energy ‘soup’ and the spots represent various physical objects such as your body or a tree). The warm spot exchanges water molecules with the rest of the ocean.

The turbulent spot also exchanges water molecules with the rest of the ocean. But the essence of that warm spot remains warm, and of the turbulent spot turbulent. There is exchange and flow on a molecular level but on the larger level the spots remain warm or turbulent, even though the molecules that composed of them a moment ago are gone and replaced by others from other regions.

The molecules in a warm spot change but the essence or characteristic of that spot remains warmth. The characteristics of a region can remain the same even though the particles forming that region are always different, leaving and entering it from other regions. This is how we look like on a quantum level, one large interconnected field of energy with localizations of characteristics. We share the same energy with everything else, even though we assume unique characteristics. It is a very complex matrix, a complex web.”– David Cameron – Happy Pocketful Of Money

Life is an energetic process. Everything from the sub atomic particles, amino acids, peptides, on up to your DNA and cells that eventually form to make you, you, resonate with their own unique signature frequencies.

“The Einstein equation was simply a recipe for the amount of energy necessary to create the appearance of mass. It means there aren’t two fundamental physical entities, something material and another immaterial – but only one: energy. Everything in your world, anything you hold in your hand, no matter how dense, how heavy, how large, on its most fundamental level boils down to a collection of electric charges interacting with a background sea of electromagnetic and other energetic fields – a kind of electromagnetic drag force.” – B.Haisch – reference taken from The Field, Lynn McTaggert

Even before atoms, amino acids, peptides, proteins and DNA, you are constructed of energy.

Not only are you constructed of energy but there are a numerous number of energy fields that surround and/or flow through your energy exchanging information with you.

“Living systems literally glow. All living cells emit units of light, biophotons. Scientists have been studying this phenomenon of bioluminescence (or “dark luminescence,” since the light emission is very weak) since it was first reported by Alexander Gurvich in 1959.”– The Way of Qigong – Kenneth S. Cohen

There is an incredible ‘energy dance” going on right now inside your body while the “building blocks” that create you communicate with each other and to the world around you.

To the extent that your energies are vibrant and flowing, communicating your own and with the universal energy fields, directly determines your degree of health or lack of it.

Modern science calls the energy fields all around us “subtle energies.”

But the fact is we did not need modern science to “label” anything to confirm it’s existence.

For thousands of years ancient religions and cultures have described the various forms of the same energy.

Jewish cabalists call it yesod

Chinese call it Qi or Chi

The Indians and Tibetans refer to it as prana

Japanese call it Ki

Christians call it the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit

Ituri Pygmies call it megbe

The Beach Boys called it “Good Vibrations.”

While these cultures and/or religions may argue their “energy” is different from the others, if you think about it, your intuition will tell you that this energetic vibration is the universal language of the universe, regardless of labels.

Your body speaks this “energy” language with the universe.

Before your body gets sick physically, it gets sick energetically.

Keeping your energetic body healthy automatically keeps your physical body healthy.

All of the advances in anti-aging medicine will be of little use to you if you have disruptions and/or blockages in your energy system.

Just as homeostasis is key in your biological body, BALANCE is key in your energetic body.

Because everything is energy, everything you eat, everything you come into contact with and everything you are around affects you energetically in some fashion.

Even “places” are a collection of energy.

It is very simple to demonstrate this, consider;

1) When you are in close proximity to someone you dislike the energy is tense

2) When you are next to someone you are attracted to you feel a sexual energy

3) The energy you feel sitting in a jail cell is different than the energy you’d feel at the beach

4) When some people walk into a room you can feel their energy

5) When you walk into a party or a club you can “feel” the energy

6) Some people give you energy

7) Some people take it, and so on.

Humans have a very complex energy system that in part consists of seven main energy centers known as chakras and channels that distribute energy to all of your organs known as meridians.

Although modern orthodox medicine for the most part ignores this vital component of life, an amazing number of medical doctors are staring to practice “energy medicine.”

“Robert Becker, M.D. orthopedic surgeon and researcher, has demonstrated that perineural cells, or nerve sheaths, carry a direct current of electricity. prompting the body to grow, heal, regenerate and repair itself. For this reason, any change in health is always accompanied by electrical changes, both at the site of injury or repair and as an electromagnetic field around the body. The strength, polarity and delivery of electricity determine how and if we healpage 45, The Way of QiGong by Kenneth S. Cohen.

“Health is a state of perfect subatomic communication and ill health is a state when communication breaks down. We become ill when our waves are out of sync.” – Lynne McTaggart from her book The Field.

Start thinking of yourself as an energetic being.

Thanks for your attention,