Wake Your World

“Challenge your beliefs and adjust as needed”

“If you continue to form your opinion of the world based on news and information you get from the mainstream media, you will always be influenced by the engineered narrative of the American Disease Machine” – Michael Kahunka

“Modern medicine may well be defined as the experimental study of what happens when poisonous chemicals are placed into malnourished human bodies.” Orthomolecular Medicine publications editor Andrew Saul

 How do you escape the Disease Machine?

If you don’t Know what the American Disease Machine is, GO HERE.

To escape the Machine, you have to be able to see it and see how it works and then avoid it’s products as much as possible. This is not easy because the Machine controls science and the mainstream news, which is the real fake news.

I know this sounds wacky but to those that do the work to see through the lies and deceit, those who go through life self-inoculating themselves without even making an attempt to see the truth, seem wacky, too.

The Machine is compartmentalized which means that often good people have no idea that the part they play helps keep the Machine operating.

For example the local news anchors probably have no idea that sometimes the stories they tell are completely false or at the very least, misleading, after all their job is just to read the script.

PR firms and others that submit propaganda that is reported as “news” in order to create or direct a specific narrative, are fully aware.

Today, few reporters actually do investigative journalism, they simply repeat “news releases” and stories they are spoon fed. Any reporter that tries to uncover the wrongdoings of the Disease Machine will find out fast that this is not good for job security.

“Real” journalists are discredited by the corporate media as “alternative” or conspiratorial. Not to be taken seriously.

Disease Machine media grossly misrepresents the state of health and healthcare in America today.

Let me ask this.

If science and healthcare in America is “so advanced and so far ahead” of everything and everyone else, why is the health of the nation declining so fast?

Why is obesity, cancer and heart disease skyrocketing? Why are over half the people taking at least one prescription drug to manage an illness?

The system must be broken.

But here’s the thing. The system is not broken, it is working exactly like it was planned and this is what you need to understand.

The American Disease Machine is functioning just fine and at full capacity and the people will continue to get sicker and fatter until the day comes that they wake up and see they are being conned by a system that profits from creating and then managing their diseases.

As I write this in March 2017 the Republicans are trying to come up with a replacement for the Affordable Care Act which really is a disaster as Trump says.

But here’s the thing, Congress will NEVER come up with a workable plan to “cover” everyone and bring “costs down” because they are up against the American Disease Machine.

And they know it.

Until Congress gathers the courage to stab the Machine in the heart by adopting a healthcare system that FOCUSES on prevention and encourages good health the American healthcare system will remain grossly overpriced and ineffective benefiting the few industries that have been sickening and robbing the American people for nearly a century.

You cannot have affordable healthcare when Medicare pays $10 for an aspirin. get it?

A major cog in the Disease Machine that keeps the gears oiled with human tears is the MEDIA.

The media convinces you that the Machine is kind, that it is looking out for you and that it is searching for the “cure” which just so happens to always be just around the corner.

It convinces you everything’s okay while the Machine drains your health drop by drop keeping you chained to it with patented medicines and expensive medical procedures.

Does this sound crazy? Do you know anyone who is overweight? Sick? Dying? or dead before their time? I’m sure you do, we all do and the CRAZY thing is we are programmed to feel as if this is normal.

Open your eyes and see that this is not normal.

To escape the Machine, stop following the mainstream media and believing the “official” narrative of everything.

Is everything a lie?

No, of course not but when it comes to your health, know that very powerful entities like the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and medical industries among others spend a great deal of time, money and effort to get YOU think and feel a certain way about their products and their industry with no regard whatsoever for your well being.

This is done using propaganda and other types of trickery and their main tool is the corporate media.

Stop believing everything you see and hear from the controlled media like CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS and the BBC.

These media outlets have agendas. Have you ever seen a drug commercial on one of the channels above? Do you really think they will bite the hand that feeds them?

Out of all the debilitating  conditions that exist in our country today the worst by far is the almost complete enslavement of the American mind.

You escape the Machine by making an EFFORT to peel back the layers of deceit.

Practice critical thinking, question everything.

Start exploring the so-called alternative media and compare how the narratives are different from the corporate media.

Question that too.

You’ll start to see that the “alternative” media is not alternative at all. It’s the real grass roots journalism that is still alive in the United States today.

Sure there’s a lot of garbage there as well but with a bit of inquisitiveness and some critical thinking, you will start to see what’s reliable and what’s not.

The more you practice, the more layers you peel back and the clearer the Disease Machine becomes.