What is Kahunka?

This is the real KahunkaThe handsome devil to the left is known as Carranca which means “ugly face” in Portuguese. Similar to Tahitian Tikis, Carrancas are actually good guys traditionally placed on the bows of fishing boats by natives in the coastal regions of central Brazil to scare away the water demons.

In Portuguese when Carranca is pronounced it sounds like “kahunka” so that is how I came up with the name Kahunka.

So…..Kahunka is the name of my Carranca.

That’s a picture of us below taken one morning after our run on the beach.

Kahunka is also the name I gave this site replacing Quantum Health and Fitness.Mike with Kahunka on the Beach

The first time I met Kahunka a couple years ago I fell in love with him (her?). I have a collection of Carrancas but this one is the most exotic. I adopted Kahunka in Pria de Forte which is a beautiful little coastal village just north of Salvador Brazil.

He is hand carved out of a single piece of hardwood and painted in the traditional colors.

Why did I change the name of the health site to Kahunka?

I wanted a catchy name for my fitness site and Kahunka just seemed to fit that perfectly.

Another reason I changed to Kahunka is because I thought the name Quantum Health and Fitness somewhat limited what I could put on the site and still stay within topic. Kahunka was a name that I could create my own image around.

Kahunka as the mythological being described above in some way is representative of how we draw conclusions and construct our truths based on outward appearances when in fact the underlying reality may be completely the opposite.